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Get some serious tips on Uber navigation and the Waze app to earn more money as an Uber driver. Learn how to producer more income in your city by simply using the best navigation app on the planet.

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  1. Wayz rarely works for me, it crashes more than Google maps!! I'm an UBER driver in Greensboro,Nc, any tips? A usual 4 days working only at peak night time hours, is $300-$400. Anyone have problems of constantly being right in the middle of surges and rarely getting a rider call??!! It's really annoying. I think surges cause the app to freeze so much, that rider calls can't get through, just a theory.

  2. taking pics and reporting accidents on a phone app while driving creates additional potential hazardsor, if drivers are slowing down to pull over…also, creates potential additional hazards.does not make sense to me to have an app that encourages people to interact while driving…hmmmmm

  3. I am brand new the Uber driver business. All the information you have provided in what few videos I have watched has been so very eye opening and very helpful for me when I get myself up and running. Thank you so much for making these videos Calvin.

  4. Do you mostly work at night and on weekends? I have been driving for Uber since November of 2016 and are not making the income per hour that most say they are making. I am making about $8.00 per hour working during the day and week in North metro Atlanta area. What am i doing wrong?

  5. I just want to thank u for your love towards people by sharing. A lot of people will say let them figure it out on their own. I have tried to use Waze but don't let me know soon enough when to turn. I also hate that speed sign in the corner hahaha.

  6. When I go into navigation I don't have any of those options. Is this because I have not taken my first ride? When I go into the Account and Settings the only things that come up is :Navigation Provider", Accessibility, Notifications (In Blue) & Account Status (Which has a Blue slide). I am trying to follow along with you on this video but that is as far as I got.

  7. Funniest thing I've seen with Uber is electric cars and charging them at a multi-storey car park = free power overnight & and pure profit all day. I made a stupid amount of money by not paying for fuel.

  8. I have been using Waze for the Uber navigation. The one issue I have with Waze is that even when you enter the exact address for the destination at the end of the route it does not show you the address number. It just says you have reached your destination when you are in the middle of the road surrounded by houses or apartment buildings. You have to go back to the Uber app to read the address number to make sure exactly where you need to go.

  9. In one of your video you claim the "prohero camera" you purchased is $50.00 Are you referring to the mount?  I see no dash cam of your description for that amount from amazon, please can you link me to a store to purchase one>

  10. I Kelvin, you re the only one here on  youtube who would know and answer. Thanks in advance.  What does the .54 cents all per mile IRS allowed deduction comprise of?   I spent $700.for car brks, battery, tires and registration this month.  I hope these expenses are In addition to .54 cents. Pls help me do my monthly expenses,. DOES .54 CENTS PER MILE INCLUDE ALL CAR EXPENSES OR IS IT ONLY DEPRECIATION AND GAS?

  11. I started driving Uber last week and watched this video last night. By the time the video was over, I was convinced and installed Waze last night. I used it for my first trip tonight and had to cancel the pick up because Waze was driving me in circles. I have never cancelled a pick up before and was disappointed to have to do it tonight. The second ride of the night Waze 'kinda' got me there, but thank God my passenger was going home and was able to navigate me there. It has been wrong on 3.5 out of 4 trips!! Uninstalling immediately!!

  12. Uber support gave me answer that doesn't work about changing the gps navigation to Scout by Telnav like you can with Lyft. Google maps is my last resort and Waze is total crap! How can I make the Uber app sink and identify my Scout gps?

  13. Hello Calvin, I'll be starting with Uber soon. I've watched the videos on how to use the Uber navigation but need to know how to get my riders distination info into Waze? Can I link the Uber and Waze apps or do I have to physically type my riders destination address into Waze everytime I want to use it?

  14. That was really good info.. In your video i was able to : 1. Change my uber app to open waze on regular rides and pool 2. I was able to add favorite places ( genious) 3. Use the drop down waze to see what the next stop is. etc. Thanks ur the man!

  15. Waze sucks anyway because it doesn't show you from which lane you should turn left/right sometimes you need to take second lane from the right and then turn left. And in this situation you'll probably miss the turn because of that. So, Google Maps is way more convenient than Waze.

  16. Calvin you da man. Love your presentation and appreciate the time you spend giving us the low down on Uber and the tech advantages needed to maximize our time and earnings. You my friend are a valuable assent to us newbies seeking to pay the bills. Thank You.

  17. Simple Drive, I want to first thank you for using your giftedness to benefit all. It shows you have an altruism that is uncommon in these days. I have just begun Uber driving in Montgomery Alabama. I have not had much success yet. I few things:

    I'm only driving XL but I find that I'm listed under X as well. Is this problematic? When someone pings me as a X driver and they see I'm an XL do they get charged for a XL drive. I notice that I have gotten a few quick cancelations.

    Is it possible to drive outside of my state without being penalized? Like Birmingham or Atlanta? Or will my App just shut down?

    What advice would you give to me in driving in Montgomery. It is pretty slow. I am watching many videos and learning much. I will keep watching cause I know i don't have it all down yet.

    Thank you so much for your service!!