Uber Now Has Tipping and a LOT MORE COMING!!!

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  1. I fucking love it, 65 billion dollar company, and yet they act like your setting up direct deposit, mmm that's gonna take 3 weeks to show up. Launch in three cities? What a fucking joke, glad I stopped driving. What is the big deal with launching it everywhere and adjusting on the fly. Anytime I have Uber personnel in my car, it's a 1 ⭐ Everytime. Fucking douches

  2. Wrong! Uber Guy ! Driver will make less money! this is why……. The the defaut amount are way too low. I'm aware of the recent improvements and updates on Lyft & Uber unfortunately improvements are no good maybe even worse. All the default amounts.are way too low. It is costing too much money. With Uber where there was NO tipping option. People all way pay more in cash. $5.00 IS THE MINIMUM most Uber rider give me . I make much more in tips with Uber all the time with no tipping option . Your default setting for tips should start out out $5 , $7 & $10 THEN OPTION TO PUT IN A custom amount. Lyft & Uber are teaching riders to tip less. I wish you didn't have a tipping. And I saw the new video for the tipping improvements for Lyft. It is still way too low amounts.

  3. I realized today after watching your video on how Uber estimates the rides and charges the rider full fare and the driver looses out. Today I checked my earnings and found that Uber was raking in 35-40% one every ride I make. I wrote to them tonight about a 42 minute trip that I made $23 dollars and Uber collected $35.50 and I had $4.50 in gas. Then I had to drive back for 42 minutes of dead miles with no rider. Does not add up! I could not extend the trip! Guess I'm screwed everyday! Hope evrybody else realizes they are getting raped and how long will this last. I'm reaching wits end!

  4. I don't know why, but it isn't so excite to me… Oh, I know… as you said, the "end game" we all known.
    Uber is so frustrating here in Orlando… So So SO many drivers out there (at least here in Orlando)… sometimes more than 4 hours without any trip… Well, here in Orlando, a lot of drivers are looking to go to other cities to try to make some money… drivers are not making 1/3 from what they used to make (it is the fact, not only my experience)
    Looking for a real job!
    Why did you change your speech? Where is the #deleteuber? No more?
    Now is making you "feel good"? For how long?

    I loved this: "End Game"!!

  5. well what's put on card yes. I think this will open up tipping on rides more often because it's such news. yes to reporting the credit cards ones, bastards. Get you one way or another. this we spoke they listened a joke campaign, they did this cause they had to.

  6. Uber adding a tipping option is pretty cool. I like that, but why the hell is Uber suggesting $1 or $2 tips? You can't even buy yourself a hamburger or a beer after work with that! Before this you 'suggested' that there's no need to tip. Gtfoh with your suggestions Uber! Let the passengers decide how much they want to tip! You put in a $1 tipping suggestion, what do you think the pax are going to do? Tip the $5 or $1? Buncha ass holes at Uber!

  7. My first night driving with the 2 minute cancellation and wait time reimbursement :

    13 trips and I did not have to wait for ANY Riders more than 2 minutes!! That is a huge time savings for me because I live in a small City with a large University. Normally Over half of my trips I have to wait three four five minutes and cancelling one or two in the process.. I am sure I saved 20-30 minutes tonight with only 13 trips. I get more trips per hour.


  8. We are very happy here in Houston! I believe based on Ubers need for increased revenues they will be increasing the rates over the summer. By Semptember 1st I believe the rates will be increased by .75 cents. By Christmas another .25 cents. Now that the investors have more control the odds of this happening have increased a great deal.

  9. I have been an Uber driver about two year's. I have over 3000 trips and they deactivated my account. they did a random background check and there's nothing bad on my background check but they won't reactivate my account. I don't understand why I'm deactivated it's ridiculous! I'm doing Lyft full time right now. Uber really doesn't give one shit about their full-time, veteran driver's!