Uber Now Lets You Tip Drivers

The long-awaited feature is one of several new driver benefits rolling out over the next 180 days.

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Comment (35)

  1. To the people with the negative comments would u rather pay more or tip or keep getting 1 star and blocked from the app. which will then give u one choice. Hop your ass in the cab. The rates already low and no uber doesnt have to pay drivers more but they can stop u from riding so cut the crybaby shit out. U either tip or u dont. People love paying a cheap price but get uptight about leaving a tip.

  2. The market determines what is a fair price for riding Uber. If the drivers feel they are not being compensated fairly, they should strike a better bargain with Uber. If one wants to be altruistic, one should donate to a charity, not a service-provider.

  3. As a Uber NYC driver I just want to make it clear Uber is being forced to do this after a long court battle with drivers! And they LOST! if Uber wasn't taken to court they would have kept the same no tip required model. I have a 4.95rating and provide excellent service. I offer water, gum, mints and charging cables for any device even laptops. I even have a iPad loaded with kids movies to keep them entertained. I get cash tips mostly from tourist. And everyone that gets in my car tell me that is the best Uber ride they had. Uber doesn't provide drivers with anything. NYC is the most expensive city to be a ride sharing or taxi driver. Forcing Uber to do this will help drivers with getting a few bucks to at least fill the gas tank without cutting into earnings.