Uber Offers FREE Insurance through AON + Rate Increases!!

Sign up to drive with Uber: $100 – $500 bonus: https://partners.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=3orknx

Sign up to drive with Lyft: $100 – $500 bonus: https://www.lyft.com/drivers/RANDY644365

My Amazon Rideshare Store: http://astore.amazon.com/ube0d-20

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  1. I would like to see something like that here in Idaho since we can't even get insurance for TNC driving (I have to use a mailbox service in WA to get insurance in Washington State, which means my DL and plates are also WA, and yet I drive 90% in Idaho!).

    It's expensive to go this route, and probably not entirely legal, but otherwise we are relying entirely on the Uber insurance in case of an accident. If your personal insurance finds out you're driving Uber, they'll drop you immediately and blacklist you from getting regular insurance, making you pay for "high risk" instead.

    I've also incorporated (S corp) to remove me from personal liability for business purposes.

    It's a good idea for everyone to use the law to your advantage. Protect yourself and your family from frivolous lawsuits and personal asset forfeiture. It's only a few dollars and some paperwork to get it done.

  2. Hey fellow drivers, don't forget uber's history of scamming and deceiving drivers. Read all of the small print carefully. Zebras don't change their stripes in dogs don't change their spots. No offense to Randy, by a Randy has made some endorsements in the past which did not turn out to be good endorsements. Read all of the details. I would not be surprised, based off of Uber's past, if in reality this is a benefit to Uber only.

  3. Now just raise the rates, I just drove from 10 o'clock pm to 5 o'clock in the morning. 80 with uber, 52 with lyft… Only because they offered me 520 bucks for doing 35 trips. Raise to a 1. 50 a mile and I will buy a new car.

  4. Hey Uberman how do you take care of healthcare insurance for your family as a self employed individual? I hear health ins for the self employed is very expensive and is one of the reasons keeping me from leaving the 9 to 5.

  5. Aren't we already covered by Uber's insurance whenever we are online anyway. What is the point of this thing if there is already something in place already?

    Also, 3.75c is 75% of the 5c increase. If drivers are generally making 75% of the mileage fare anyway, then this is a complete wash, isn't it?

  6. I'm not clear on 2 things: 1) what does this cover that James River would not cover? and 2) What price would be quoted to passengers (with or without the extra $.05/mile?) since they would not know if they were going to have an opted in driver or not?

  7. Not happening in my market – yet. Hope I can opt in soon. Self driving cars from either Uber or Lyft (or any other rideshare platform) are years away. Uber may have to sweeten the pot for drivers – with the Waymo/Lyft partnership they can't really price Lyft out of any market any longer. Uber is going to be hamstrung on automated vehicle development – they should flip the script and become the best platform for drivers out there to dominate the service delivery. Many riders I've spoken too balk at the idea of trusting a self driving car. I think adoption is 5-10 years away, not 2-4 years.

  8. I'd take it if i got hurt bad i could sure use 150 grand but I like the piece of mind so I'm so scared sometimes for my baby mama if something happened to me I'd like her to have the money for our kids college or a house

  9. Agreed definitely great news to drivers, we have the rate increase here in Pittsburgh, PA. I have rideshare gap insurance through Erie Insurance at full tort which covers my end of the platform. We also had an insurance addendum in our app in which we must acknowledge we carry appropriate insurance to drive for a TNC.