Uber, Ola Drivers in Delhi-NCR go on strike from Friday

Uber, Ola drivers in Delhi-NCR demand better perks, relaxed hours for targets, accident insurance.


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  1. No doubt app based cabs are doing great service. Public if not very happy from them but is over all satisfied. Not only the companies are to be blamed but these drivers are too largely to be blamed. Companies as heard are taking commission of 25 % from the money earned by any driver. Public is concerned about security and cost. Rapes and molestation that recently happened by drivers of these companies has put lot of confusion in the mind of public. Foreigners are looted or harassed by these cabs ( where as these should be brand ambassadors of the Delhi). Delhi walla still rely on their private cars. In Delhi some houses have 2 to 4 cars per family. Husband, wife , son working ( age 26) has their personnel cars and all go individually on car. Services of these is still not reliable to an extent that public start thinking of not buying cars for every member in their family and start trusting them and start going by them. I remember an instance when a Zee media women landed at Haiderpur metro station at around 1030 in night with her son age 11 and kept trying for Ola and UBER but failed . Finally she went with our family as she and our family were concerned about her safety. More than the cost , now the time has come where the service of these cabs has to be reliable without any surge price. Have patience. Rome was not built in a day. These drivers want to be rich in a day.