Uber Pay Decreased – Is The Honeymoon Over?

It’s not just a figment of my imagination. I have been receiving less and less over time driving for Uber. Have you?

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  1. How do you even afford to live in LA AND have time to make these cool vids? I have to spend my entire week, no spare time, driving for Uber, just to barely get out of the poverty income bracket…

  2. I've done pizza delivery for over a year and a half with Domino's pizza. My roommate is currently doing doordash and postmates. From what I've gathered there are pros and cons to both jobs. I wouldn't necessarly quit my Domino's job (event tho I'm tired of it) I'd just reduce my hours. Its important to have a consistent paycheck. But I definitely feel you on the whole wondering around and apartment complex part. Especially in less then desired weather.

  3. the honeymoon is definitely over my sister. Sucks. Been an uber x driver for 17 months. If only I knew how good I had it back when I first started…. I could have done so much with all that money. Now I hustle like a mother fucker to make ends meat! Started grub hub a week ago. It is pretty dope, pays about what uber x pays. I like it cause it gives me a break in between rides from annoying people. Gives me that extra breather and what not

  4. this is how you measure….record the daily miles you use while ubering and the amount you made ( so 100 miles I drove while ubering today and I made $100 bucks etc) and look at the ratios over time, say a month I'm amazed that no one knows anything about basic economics and the product life cycle as it also applies to uber. Uber is a fantastic part time job…period…for full time drivers…there are dead times and dead spots…learn to recognize them…get a population density map for your city and memorize it

  5. Uber needs to be given a healthy dose of the Market.
    They're consistently, year after year, cutting employee wages (and make no joke, you ARE Uber employees – you have zero say in pay, or what kind of ride you're going to get (X or pool), now you're also getting shuffled to Eats even if you don't want them. Your ONLY say is the hours you choose to work). Lyft does the same in a desperate attempt to attract share.


    Any competition, just SOME competition. Build the competitors up so that they can challenge Uber's market dominance and push for better conditions for the people doing the actual work.

    All Uber is is a platform, a piece of software. The middleman taking an inordinate share of your earnings (and in Uber's case, charging the rider one thing and paying the driver something else entirely), lying, cheating, stealing from you. BREAK THEM.

  6. I absolutely get you. I have been driving since February and have noticed the decrease in August. I'm working 35% harder for the same amount. It use to surge everyday since the people to driver ratio is drastic. They bascially took that away. Of all the cities, you would think it would surge all day everyday here…smh…I love driving in crazy Las Vegas, everyday is an adventure lol. Thanks for the info.

  7. To what u said uber is only good for pt to make extra cash cause of flexibility making ur own hours. But if ur doing ut full time only source of income u gotta put in the hours especially busy hours. So yes no one telling u to clock in but they might as well be if u gonna make any money. The reason I ssid that is u can make more delivering for a restaurant and do less miles which means lower expenses. What's the difference if u have a schedule if ur working those hours anyway. Since I left uber for restaurant I make 5 dollars an hour plus 2 dollars a delivery plus tips. Avg tip is 3 to 4 dollars. I avg 3 to 4 delieverys an hour. Do the math on low end is 20 per hour high end is 29. I'm putting less than half the miles on my car. With uber I put 60000 miles on my csr in one year. Nowim only doing 25000. Car will last twice as long another plus. Uber was good in beginning now I say fuck uber lol

  8. I love when she says u make more money driving food than ppl so true. I stopped driving uber we dont have uber eats and those other services in my area so I went to chicken place to do delieverys and make a lot more money than with uber since last 2 rate cuts. My biggest mistake was I now have a car I bought to do rideshare . since I'm just doing delievys I could of did thst in the car I already had which was paid for.

  9. I am doing soley ubereats and love it, Although some days I feel like I lose more then I earn. Like you said it is definitely a gamble. I guess I think about the days that I made alot and try for that daily. It doesn't always work out. I just keep my eye on the $ and work work work work work!

  10. I enjoy your videos..i have delivered for Ubereats..it's been one week. i have done courier work before so this is nothing new. I like the flexibility Ubereats offer, do those other companies operate the same way or are you required to set up a schedule and follow through with them. I think Grubhub is like that.. Thanks