Uber Rider App Update – No More Seeing Other Drivers – 01-31-2017

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  1. I am a somewhat regular rider and have a theory. Could this change be for logistical reasons relating to costs and demands on resources?

    The demands on hardware, and software to keep track of hundreds or thousands of drivers over a large area in real time has to be pretty high. That is a lot of data to process. A lot of code to maintain.To then stream said data in real-time to a client (a mobile device) is more demanding still. To stream that data in real-time to hundreds or thousands of clients, takes lots of processing power and requires tons throughput/bandwidth. As more and more drivers and riders are added this probably becomes unsustainable. Limiting this will probably reduce bugs over time and make the app run smoother and more efficiently.

    I am in no way a computer expert and may be way off base but it is just a thought.

  2. Folks Uber man doesn't even drive anymore.   He is a marketing man.  I think he does a great job.  He made less than 600.00 in 2016 off Uber driving.   Which is great.  He is doing a great job. His referral money is huge.  Shows how social media, can make you big dollars.

  3. I used the pax app as a newbie but rarely need it anymore…it's kinda dickish but as a veteran this will help me by hindering the newbies.When it is slow and I am desperate I will accept x along with xl when I run my Denali I feel the elimination of the ability to see the drivers will also protect me against pax fishing for xl at a x price….Boost is killing the surge in my area, it is getting harder to catch that ride or two at the end of the night that actually make the evening of work worthwhile.

  4. I just got my first tax statement from Uber.
    those mother fuckers make me pay taxes on 100% of the money they collect.
    that means the uberpool trips where I made 3 different pickups and drop offs, those mother fuckers took 50% of those fares and I'm paying tax on 100% of the money.

    you make good videos, this isn't anything bad about you Uber man.
    fuck that company. fuck those mother fuckin liars who told me I wouldn't be responsible for paying their taxes.

    anyone thinking about driving for Uber, do not do it. they are exploiting people, lying, and robbing their workforce.

  5. it makes sense to me and I'll tell you why I used to work a particular area in the morning nobody ever worked this area and then all of a sudden overnight the cabs started popping up in that Neighbourhood making it more competitive. I know for a fact lots of airport runs come out of that area in the morning now with this new revision to the app people can't spy on you and see where your positioning yourself in the morning

  6. Yep, I just got back from vacation only to find out the hard way that there is no longer any way to see where others are. I could enter the info as though I am a passenger and see if it takes more than a few minutes to get a car, but it still doesn't tell me much about the areas that need attention. Lyft still has cars visible to riders, and I use a second phone and account to see what's happening, but since there's way fewer Lyft drivers in my area it's still difficult to discern the market. Big BOO! to Uber, and hopefully enough of us will stand up to their corporate goons and TURN OFF UBER.. I'm driving strictly Lyft for the next couple of weeks, so hopefully others will follow this advice along with writing emails to Uber about it.. We're all in this together people, so hopefully we can get together on this and change it back.

  7. UBER took control of the app as of Feb 16 in LA…they allocate trips to drivers prioritizing newer drivers to take the higher percentage…it hasn't been based on closest proximity for awhile…UBER is crooked as hell

  8. So Randy please comment on my 1099 comment? Is UBER showing you correctly what you made?? Seems like everyones 1099 figures are NOT correct. If I show the IRS every pay stub I have and it does NOT jive with what UBER says I'm making, I have the PROOF?? Don't I?? UBER can't just make up figures and lie and get away with it!!???