Uber Squeezing Drivers More but it’s NOT my problem | Uber Tesla Driver

Uber Squeezing Drivers More but it’s NOT my problem. Mindset is everything.

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  1. trip Radar is easy for them to find desperate or stupid drivers faster than sending ride request directly .. LYft screwing big time with trip Radar … it's really time to goto small claim court and sue them collect money and Lets move on

  2. Minnesota state recommend minimum wage fare not including expenses is 89 cents per mile and 41 cents per minute. Here in Los Angeles, if you compare your average trips and calculate the mileage and time with the recommended fare of 89 cents per mile and 41 cents per minute, you'll see that we are being short changed by at least 30%.

  3. That Comfort Business is whack. I get them all the time but they do not meet my pay requirements. Its like a discount for business people and i can't be bothered with that. Yes, i keep it moving cuz its not my problem either if the pricing is messed up.

  4. 150% true Vinny!!! Trip Radar and Lyft Comfort are some BS. But like you said, not our problem. I’m trying to get paid. If that means I have to cancel a ride on one app to get a more lucrative ride from the other….it is what it is. Uber and Lyft did this to themselves so it’s their problem!

  5. I’ve noticed trip radar bidding here in Austin. They’re always 10min+ away for pickup; more times than not for less than $10. It’s insane

    For reservations, I’ve been seeing them disappear too without notice. Some even within that “be online by” time but before Uber guides me to the pickup. It really sucks because I’ll plan to be around the area sometimes. One trip that vanished after I stayed in an area for an extra 30min ended up being paid to me after I made an Uber Greenlight zoom call and explained what happened. They paid me for the whole trip. No idea what’s going on there but somethings happening with reservations

  6. Since buying my Tesla Model 3, my tips have increased drastically, it's to the point where i get surprised if i DON'T get a tip lol. I only accept Comfort rides, UberX aint worth it AT ALL, unless there's a surge. Also i like how Tesla's been out over a decade, and people are still amazed to be driven in one. Love my M3, sexy as hell.

  7. Here at Miami area I can't comprehend how drivers taking rides below 8usd or confort rides to the airport for 9usd …really ? How you going to make money if you are loosing time and gas …..people need to drive smart and do the math …Uber and Lyft are crooks

  8. Interesting point about fraudulent accounts, Vinny. I know it happens a lot here in Miami. I bet once a high profile case of an illegal immigrant driving for Uber kills an innocent person on the road. These companies will have to crack down.