UBER Storytime: Driving on Mulholland Drive for the First Time

Check out my storytime about the time I had to drive up Mulholland for the first time with a passenger in the car.

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Uber storytime
Mulholland drive


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  1. I think I'm a little more laid back too, because I can't stand the rush hour commuters. They seem way more intense and cranky.
    Ohh man, Mulholland sounds fun- I think I'd have trouble on it though, because my "slow" is probably still too fast for most peoples' comfort (I'm really into road racing/motorsports/speed). Roads like this were life when I lived in the Bar Area, haha! Marva's comment about those houses up in Beverly Hills reminds me of working at State Farm in Oakland, and having to drive the hills with all these crazy backroads and driveways during the rainy season, just to get photos of houses for policies.
    +1 on those who commented about the sitting up straight, both hands gripped on the wheel. That was me this morning/last night driving in the snow. We've had NO snow here in Chicago this year, except me driving it twice in December….I just keep the whole I'm from CA and have no snow driving experience bit to myself! 😉 I got this though- it's about the same traction as riding my motorbike in the rain, and I'm a good driver. Anyone who comes across scary driving scenarios like this, I recommend, just have confidence, remember all that you've learned (things like following distance, being smooth, what to do if you slide) that comes in handy and use common sense!

  2. I started driving for Uber December 9,2016. I use Waves GPS. Last week January 7th, I pick up 2 gentlemen in West Hollywood who were going to Burbank airport . GPS had me going through Laurel Canyon, Mulholland Drive and all points in between all the way to the airport. Now I had never driven in those Hills before, I'm not scared of heights I am scared of those little tiny Twist and Turn streets LOL and it's like people who live in that area are flying around those curves I was taking my time I was not familiar with those curves and twists and turns needless to say I got them to the airport and trust me I found the 5 freeway and got on it and came back to LA.
    But I think the scariest part was this past Sunday January 22nd when it was raining so terribly hard I picked up two ladies who lived it was considered Beverly Hills that I know I was up and Laurel Canyon because I have plans Laurel Estates was turned in there and had the windup this little itty bitty dead in Street and they lived at the top of the hill at a dead end coming back down Mulholland Drive the rain has saturated so much of a heel that it broke the cement wall it was laying on the ground there were big these were not puddles of water but pools of water I had to go through as I'm winding down Mulholland Drive to get to Sunset. now that was scary driving that way in the rain. yes you do you sit up straighter you hold on tight to the steering wheel and after going through pools of water you pray you still have brakes I was not a happy camper. not all money is good money at that point I went home and got dry LOL

  3. You asked us to share a story… Girl yes! Anyway, I will try not to make this too long, but I am just 2 weeks new to ridesharing and on my second day of working on my very first ride of the day, I get a ride in the evening that wanted to go to Northridge… Immediately, I thought to myself, girl this isn't gonna be fun but let's make the best of this drive.. Now the sescret is that for some reason I get really tensed driving in certain terrain or locations.. I have a fear of running into the guardrail on the freeway, so i usually try to avoid the far lane..I also fear falling over a cliff or the overpass. . Anyway, the rider was a young guy from another country and he just want to sleep. I was grateful for that, because he couldn't see how tense I was during that entire drive especially once we got on Sepulveda near the Getty Center. . I was driving like an old lady.. it was so funny now that its over, but I quickly learned that I also do not like to drive in the evening because there's a chance that it may not be local.

  4. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do as a driver is be an active participant in an amazing (or contentious) conversation and focus on the road. Happened to me last night. Couple that just came back from China and Thailand were super nice and chatty about their travel. I was excited for them and at one point, I had to remind myself that I was going 70 on the freeway in the car pool lane at rush hour. FOCUS! I was on the 91 and at any point, someone could just cross the double yellow and make things a mess.

    I love Mulholland by the way. That and Sunset Blvd going to Malibu are two of my favorite drives. The views are amazing!

    Love the videos. Sorry it took me a while to catch up.

  5. That happens to all of us. We all worry about ourselves as well as the safety of others. In Miami, I-95 at night in the rain is my biggest fear. The raid becomes mirror like and reflects lights back up from the street. That causes it to become challenging to see the lane lines. Then people around you are driving like they lost their damn mind.

  6. I know some times when I take back routes to dodge traffic this one guy kept saying are we closer yet. I didn't know the back way just followed it but I was kinda worried myself that we wouldn't get there but kept my cool. Some riders feel that you can do backflips and get them to places faster but this road is shared with everyone. Good job though Luv and love your videos!