Uber Storytime: Uber vs. Lyft – Part 4

Today I’m with my friend and guest host Anthony Tone Tone Taylor!

In this video we discuss:

0:44 – Uber incentives
1:07 – Destination filter
2:05 – Reasons why Tone Tone loves driving for Uber in Los Angeles
3:33 – Strangers are usually on their best behavior
4:00 – Los Angeles’ diversity


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  1. Started last night Lyft and made 74$ and 7 in tips 6 rides 7 passengers, not bad for Ashburn Va.  Go Redskins!! 5 stars across board with 78% acceptance rate, picked up one guy from Tampa who told me that 2 uber drivers told him to get out the ride was to short.. that was the 5$ tip, and 13 $ ride.. not bad for a first night.