Uber Suspended My Driver Account But I Got a Back Up! Tips & Strategies!

Uber Sign up bonus $50-$700: http://ubr.to/2d0DmD0

Lyft Sign up Bonus $100-$500: http://lft.to/2d0DP81

Being vetted or approved to drive on only one app just not enough. Shit happens, and you have to protect you income. Making sure your approved on multiple platforms is a smart move in case:

1. You are temporary suspended or permanently deactivated (why wait last minute?) or one of the platforms are down due to network errors of issues
2. Running both apps at once can increase incoming request from both platforms thus maximize your overall income
3. Leveraging both or all referral systems to sign up drivers and riders for huge cash bonus awards!

Don’t get stuck focusing on just Uber as most drivers do. It will only set you up for delays when shit happens!

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  1. yes backups are important because we are human and get sidetracked.. mine is I also run as a Taxi and soon from what I'm hearing is lyft will be coming in to my market ( Jackson MS )

  2. Some of u ppl sound like uber who claims drivers make 35 dollars an hour. Yes 35 an hour before uber takes there 20 percent which brings it down to 28 dollars not to bad rite. Oh shit didn't take out expensise yet gas maitance insurance and ur phone. So cut that number in half and that'd if u dont drive alot of dead miles. The govt says it cost almost 50 cents a mile which is pretty high its more like 35 cents depending on ur car. If ur getting 85 cents a mile before uber takes 20 percent which brings it to 68 cents s mile subtract 35 cents for car now ur at 33 cents and u still have mileage expense to get to rider which is unpaid. Yes u can make money working the surge but ur not making 100k just working the surge. Stop lying to ppl like uber does so they sign up with ur code that's the only money that u can make from uber without having to pay all these expenses. Plus u just screwed someone like uber has done to so many ppl. Fuck uber I drove with them for over a year started off ok till rate cuts took almost all the profit away. Uber can't get drivers in my market so now u can drive a 2000 year car to bad all current drivers had to have or get a 09 or newer what a joke

  3. DMV usually sends registration renewal way in advance I always go online and pay it and receive in within days. as far your license almost everyone has Google you can put in multiple reminders especially if you procrastinate. you have to be up on your docs because some states are not as lenient as others if you get caught without them

  4. What? You don't love us?
    Thanks for another interesting video with an exviting hook for the next one.
    Other reasons to diversify include being in an out of coverage area for one of the apps, and getting suspended for a number of other reasons besides documentation. I know someone who had a passenger that forgot a camera in the car. He did not see it right away. The app company called him once. He wasn't able to pick up the phone then, so he was deactivated and wasn't able to work for a couple of days.