Uber System How to Money Making Guide-Earn Extra Cash!

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When I first started driving in 2011 as the first rideshare driver the money was great. Even though earnings have come down some Uber makes up for it with driver incentives, hourly guarantees, hourly surge guarantees (Boost), and weekly and daily bonuses. Without these incentives it would be hard to keep drivers driving with Uber. Another attractive income source that many drivers over look is sign up bonuses. Uber need drivers as the driver base is constantly being recycled and replenished due to high driver turn over and low retention rate. Many drivers only driver part time, or are on and off drivers. The rider base keeps growing, thus Uber needs to keep fresh drivers (supply) coming on to the platform to meet the ever growing demand of riders. They do this with sign up bonuses to encourage new drivers to come on board, and also encourage current drivers to sign up friends, family and others to become an Uber driver. Sign up bonuses could be as high as $1,000 for each depending on the promotional period, but most average around $250 after a new driver gives 30-50 rides. This makes for a great additioanl income source for any driver. Just 1-2 new driver referrals a week could add an additional $100-$500 extra. Ive learned many strategies and techniques over the last 6 years as a rideshare driver on how to sign up new drivers, and earn great extra income in addition too driving for fares. Ive also trained many drivers on how they too can get paid on sign up bonuses. When you use my promo code/link to become an Uber driver you get direct access to my personal one on one training. Sign up today and earn more then just fares! My motto is “Drive Less, Earn More!

UberOn, LyftOff!

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  1. You seem like a decent enough person with this video. sub…that blUber guy is a dick. After I said he should concentrate on making the video and talking instead of constantly being distracted, wasting the viewers' time, he replied I should "suck a fat cock". I replied back seems you can't take criticism and IF I ever was going to subscribe, it is never happening now…way to go bringing in new blood.

  2. Thanks. You are the only one who would help me.. Well,i live in Virginia. Right now Uber doesn't have a leasing program in Hampton Roads area yet. I pass background check but my vehicle doesn't meet requirements on there platform.?

  3. The only thing I'm not feeling about working for Uber is … The depreciation and the extra miles that put on my car. I'm sure I'll need to trade my car in by the middle of next year. I have 2010 Benz with 60.000 miles on it …I had 58.000 miles Before I started driving Uber. Yea, I may make pretty good money driving part time but having to buy a new car every few years is a bummer. Especially if I really like the car that I have right now … That's just my feelings and opinion.

  4. Sign up/referral bonuses is what enables UBER to drive down the rate so you are working for less then minimum wage. How ? Because it ensures a continuous stream of new drivers. It also stops any type of unionization efforts dead in its tracks. The number of drivers is not fixed and no way to control it.

    Any leverage that drivers have with UBER is pissed away with the constant referrals. UBER will gladly pay this money out short term, but you are only authoring your own destruction by engaging in it. In addition, ask yourself a question. Why would you want to add to your competition ? Sure, pocket the sign up money and then saturate the market and have no rides.

    A better approach would be for UBER to offer incentives for quality drivers. Those that maintain high ratings as an example. UBER does not care about quality though. The model they have chose requires a constant stream of new drivers. There attrition rate is over 50% and most new drivers do not even last three months.