Uber: the real lives of its drivers

Channel 4 News investigates


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  1. You can't work uber part time in the uk..the cost of licence for you and car are too expensive..insurance is high too..not a viable option..have to work full time at it to try to make money..riders don't know the real problems..if they did then they probably wouldn't use uber..riders think they're getting a good deal but because uber don't really do proper checks and take many shortcuts they are actually put public in danger..hay hoe at least they can fall asleep counting lots of money..

  2. Uber is a useless app with out the drivers . If all the drivers stop working for only 2 days and demand a raise trust me they will get it . But since they are not doing it . fuck them let them drive for 71cent a mile.

  3. The RIDERS don't give a fuck about the DRIVERS! The RIDERS get a CHEAP RIDE! If the DRIVERS are not smart enough to walk away from EXPLOITATION who's fault is that?! WALK AWAY, DELETE THE APP, DON'T support the company! If there are ZERO DRIVERS how successful will UBER be?! If the RIDERS stop using the APP how will UBER make money ??!

  4. Dear y not stop uber any Government because every new sale car earning Gov. Tax. You no car showroom owener hu r Politician and Burocesi officers partners he sale new car so y he oppose.. UBER sale new Car earning mony car Delar sale car earning mony Gov. earning Tax Last you and Car Financer tackle you without earning pay car instalment…..?

  5. A very good year back I really wanted to work for uber I my DL is nearly 3 years and I wanted to give uber a go but iv seen sooooooo much negative feedback hardly any positive feedback it's very off putting to consider making an investment into Uber and what I hate the most is Uber doesn't seem to communicate with their drivers ???

  6. Uber is stealling milleage (yards) from drivers—Uber had no legal gps system to measure a ride.Uber is stealling time from drivers—is no possible for a driver to prove that Uber is stealling minutes from every ride.Uber is stealling money from every job.Uber is giving jobs to who they want,in the way that Uber make more money.Uber is stealling money from everybody

  7. NO ONE, is being forced to be an Uber driver! NO ONE, has a gun to their head, making them drive for Uber! If I hate cooking, why would I accept a position as a chef? DUH! Not obe of them gives a dam or gave a dam about what their business is doing or has done to the drivers of the taxi industry, why or who should care about them. The taxi industry is and or was over saturated with cars and drivers prior to Uber, ask any taxi driver. Uber and it's consensual drivers are an addition to a already over saturated business. The owing and operation and investment of any business, large or small, is not an endevor for every one. The vast majority of Uber drivers are and have an employee mindset. The difference between self employed and an employee is like the difference between night and day. Experierenced cab drivers, that gave switched to Uber are making bank, they have working knowledge of the industry, and know the difference of self employment vs employment, and only have half of their prior expenses. In the past as well as the future, thousands have attempted to be a successful taxi driver and failed for a variety of reasons. Mainly from, their inability to get past their employee mindset. Cream always rises to the top, Uber is a new alternative and in time, the dust will settle, and the cream will rise to the top. In the mean time, if one can't handle the heat, then one should get out of the suana.

  8. Plus riders (ubers customers) don't care, so why should uber. If riders cared so much or thought how they could get so little cost per fare. They would boycott in support of the drivers that provide service. But they don't. Driver can't boycott because other drivers would sign up. if no driver sign up, then uber would raise driver pay out until they got enough drivers and then cut it again.

  9. Don't lease or buy cars from them, don't try to make it a full time job or career. When they first start uber you could do that because they paid high. That was only until they got enough drivers. If you though that was going to last, your crazy. I drive uber but only for a few bucks whenever i need just a bit more money for something. At least at my real job i don't put were and tear on my car as much. If you do uber any other way you are going to loose.

  10. Why would you even work for Uber full time? I drive for Uber but only so I could make a couple hundred bucks a week to go and entertain my family I do it as needed, you've got to be an idiot to depend on Uber to pay the bills, so just get a real JOB sheesh…

  11. I am so happy I quit Uber more than two months ago. The stress it took on me was unbearable and when I added up the total cost of everything from hours to gasoline to the price of a new car which would be within the next two years, it wasn't half of minimum-wage and that's here in California. Good By Uber & Lyft…?

  12. They forget drivers don't see the fares the passenger gets charged. I tested this theory and asked a passenger who was charged 55 bucks. Uber says it's 45 to drivers and takes there uber cut plus the money uber doesnt tell the driver about. so in all uber takes 40 -50 percent from drivers.

  13. A few years ago, uber didnt exist. What were these winy babies doing before uber? Do u think they longed to be glorified taxi drivers? So uber exists now, some try to make it a full time job but complain even though a few great minds gave them a brand new way to make money. If u dont like it how about u do like the other 99.99% of the world and get a real fn job. Fkn babies. Grow the fuck up!