UBER TIPPING Option – 12 Things You Should Know

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This video is about Uber tipping and the in-app option that allows for Uber drivers to get tips.

The news dropped on June 20th 2017 as a 180 days of change campaign from Uber.

The company is getting it’s act together in my option to prepare itself for the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

An IPO from Uber would make it one of the richest and most powerful companies in the world.

So if you are a driver things are changing fast. Get ready to trash the signs, jars and boxes you have in your car. Rideshare tips will be available across both platforms now. Uber and Lyft are equal in that respect.

Customers will no longer have to ask do I tip Uber drivers. Uber tips will increase income for drivers by at least 20% in my opinion.

The platforms available for tipping are listed below.

– UberX
– UberBlack
– UberSUV
– UberTAXI
– UberXL
– UberHOP
– UberEATS
– UberPOOL
– Uber Freight

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Sign Up Get Uber BONUS Up To $750 – http://thesimpledriver.com/uber/


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  1. I wouldn't take tip cups out of my car. ya know why. 60 percent of your riders will never see the in app tip option. ya know why. 60 percent or more of your rides will not be rated. I've taken over a thousand rides and only have 400 rated trips. sadly the way Uber is doing this it is not going to add up to much. you can take 20 rides in a night. maybe get 4 or 5 5 star trips. and maybe 2 or 3 of those five will give you a buck or two. every riders needs to see that tip option on every single ride. not JUST when you get a 5 star rating.

  2. is there a 0 smoking policy with uber or i would i be able to work for them as a smoker if that makes sense, seems like a silly question but im curious if anyone knows. because my car does smell a bit like cigs

  3. Calvin love your videos man!! I have a question ,how do u feel about renting a car with enterprise threw uber rather than using your own car I always hear talk about depreciation and the wear and tear , does that make renting or leasing a car a better option?? if I'm making 1,000$ a week using my own car

  4. I don't drive for Uber any more. In the Chattanooga area, they've continually lowered our pay and given themselves raises. Last rate drop put us down to 63 cents per mile. I haven't driven for them since,. They're going to have to really change things around for me to even consider going back on the road. Tipping will not do it.