Uber vs juno. How to never be deactivated for “advertising”

A quick tutrial on how to turn the promo off


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  1. So funny to me to hear that Uber saying something about taxi and limo regulations, because following this regulation Uber is illegal because u driving without medallion, so if you don't have medallion you not a taxi and limo so that means those rules not applying to you:) Uber really will be out of Bussines soon, and they claiming 3b of losses again, Uber is joke

  2. Good job NYC Uber Vlog on this video. When you use your phone to take a video, Try
    holding your phone like a camera. That will give more to see and will fill
    up the video player window. Making the black empty area on the sides
    smaller. Making the video more interesting to the viewers. Best of luck to
    you and your business. Lee Noring