UBER vs LYFT : 4 Reasons I Earn More Driving With Uber

I break down the 4 main reasons I’m able to consistently earn more money with Uber than with Lyft. I’m a veteran driver in Los Angeles and this is what I’ve discovered!
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* http://www.sfchronicle.com/business/article/It-s-Uber-s-world-does-Lyft-have-a-future-9130138.php
* Uber’s deactivation policy can be found here: https://www.uber.com/legal/deactivation-policy/us-en/
* Lyft Terms of Service https://www.lyft.com/terms

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Please watch: “MY DOORDASH NIGHT RECAP | $105, 8 Deliveries, 28 Miles | It’s All About The Tips!”



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  1. I am not an Uber/Lyft driver as my car wouldn't qualify, but a Lyft driver told me Akron/Canton area of Ohio, once you have 70 rides during peak hours I guess, the commission goes down 20% to 5%, maybe this is just an Akron area thing as it doesn't seem to be any new driver bonuses

  2. Found your channel 2 weeks too late. I knew that Uber cannot deactivate for low AR. GrubHub told me the same thing, as an independent contractors drivers allowed to accept only requests they want. So I assumed that it was a law of some sort. And I let pass ALL Line requests, ALL pings over 5 min away, and ALL "assholes" below 4.7 for couple of weeks. Lyft kept sending me e-mails, but Uber does as well, so I didn't even read. And Ubers are generic and are the same. And then I opened Lyft's e-mail, and it said "It is the third warning! You accept not enough". And then I wrote an e-mail and the told me – yes, you can be deactivated for low AR. And I'm like shiiiiiii. Still able to go online, but not for long, I guess. For no money I need 4.4 passenger in my car. How many times you said "ok, it is surge, and it is really close, let me pick-up this 4.52 this one time". And on 10'th second you already can tell why he has such a rating and why it will be even lower a after ride with you. I hope Lyft changes policy. This doesn't make sense. Passenger only loses 10 seconds if you pass. And they prefer to fire me, rather than have me do some of the rides. Whatever… Bunch of apps still, as you say. Nice vid, btw.

  3. hey man, I've got a question for you about UBER.. I signed up to drive with them back in the day when they shipped out an actual iphone to you. I f-ing lost the phone(found it recently) and now have a serious balance with UBER… I wanna get back to driving with them now, any tips on how to avoid paying that balance?? thanks for the vids