Uber vs. Lyft: Which Platform Is More Transparent? | Driver Diary with Sergio

Transparency is crucial for ride-hailing drivers, as access to data can help them make informed decisions and optimize their earnings. But which platform offers more comprehensive data: Uber or Lyft?

In this video, Senior RSG Contributor Sergio Avedian delves into the data provided by each…


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  1. Both companies are thieves, ripping off the customers with high fares and ripping off the drivers with low pay. This is the only job where you have to check your pay, bonuses, trips, cancellation fee. Keep declining those low paying fares.

  2. Uber use to be very good but they watch lift get away with some dirty practices and slowly started to follow. Then Dara's greed made them realized in order to thief and get more for him and the shareholders, transparency will never allow so much extra millions that can be robbed.

  3. I think it's pretty obvious Lyft is more transparent. In my market they were disclosing breakdowns of passenger fare splits before it was even legally required, and in many markets where Uber still doesn't have upfront fares… Lyft is the one doing upfront ride details while Uber is still sending drivers to who the hell knows where (this is the situation in Portland for example).

  4. also please address how the pin is never where the passenger is and often we have to drive past the passenger just to trigger the pin otherwise we forfeit our waiting time and cancellation fee. A lot of times the pin is on the other side of the fence and we end up leaving with nothing at all.we should have the option to move the pin if it's in an unreasonable place like on a football field.