Ubereats Review: My Thoughts on Driving for Ubereats!

A lot of delivery drivers wanted a ubereats review. So in this video, Ill be doing my ubereats delivery driver review.This video will include my thoughts on driving for uber eats and whether its worth it or not.
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  1. Good video and nice youtube channel.My personal opinion is that Ubwr Eats is the best. And now they are adding a tipping feature so we'll see how that goes.In Orange County we have lot's of restaurants signed up and I can get deliveries all day. When there are no Uber Eats drivers around they ping Uber X drivers.
    Nice to see that you follow FTC rules and the rules for Amazon affiliate links. Too many people out here doing illegal advertising.If you would like to write on my website then let me know thedeliveryblog.com

  2. UberEats is garbage and a waste of time in NYC… they cut the per mile rate from $2.50 to $1.60 on May 8… no tipping, no restaurants = no pings, they hide drop off until you accept orders, there is no live customer … all email/in app and long wait response time. So much more cons to mention not enough time and space. The only positive with UberEats is that you have the option to get pay same day anytime with the little money you make… FYI Postmates is garbage also.