Uber/Lyft Driver – Dealing with Ratings and Comments

This video will cover a few things. Dealing with Comments and Ratings, Talk about clutter in the car and a Shout Out to Brittany

Camera Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

Brittany – College Life 101 – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsnuNxtYZJkiGizmGv4p0CQ

To be a Uber Driver – https://www.uber.com/
Use promo code: xetmd
1st Time Uber Rider Promo Code: xetmd

To be a Lyft Driver – https://www.lyft.com/drivers/PAUL337468
1st Time Lyft Rider use promo code: PAUL337468

American Cancer Society/Relay for Life

GoPro Info: http://gopro.com/
Removu info: https://www.removu.com/


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  1. I have drived only 2 days uber (or few drives in evening) just started this whole thing and got all other ratings 5 star and everyone was happy but one asshole "I know it all, changing the rote constantly" man gave me somethibg like 1 or 2 star and I got notification that he has complaned that I am not professional and that I don't drive safely. I did not make any close by situation and drived totally normally but with the application (he constantly changing the rote so on disturbing) I struggled a little. And I said I am new driver still learning this all. I dropped them all those places they wanted on time and safely and was nice but fucker left me horrible commments.
    Funny enough I did not mentioned it but I have drived normal taxi before and I am actually professional driver with taxi lisence and all.
    Now I am afraid that because he was complaining about "safety" they will kick me out from Uber before I have hardly even started.
    And in my country Uber is a new thing.
    Fuck this rating system. Where else one bad opinnion over powers 10 great onces?

  2. Mounts are no safer than holding it. I held it in my hand when I first started. Then after a PAX almost shit his pants, I got a mount. Since then, I've almost over shot stopping at a red light at least 3 times. Reaching for something is the most unnatural thing a driver can do. When you reach you naturally take your eyes off the road. I had a friend who died that way. When I hold it in my hand, I've yet to almost over shoot a light. 6n64t4b navigation is fine. We deal with passengers expectations, and worse, their perceptions. But I have a mount now. Don't feel any safer, but if the pax want it, I got it. But using my hand is safer. . .for driving also. LOL.

  3. today was my first day driving with lyft..im a female driver.. i had 10 passengers and after the last one i noticed i was at a 4.8 .. im just worried that if it drops i will get kicked.. I'm a quiet person by nature so im trying to make conversation and it seemed to go well but im just scared i wont make it ?

  4. Hello dc uber, thank you for the video really needed to hear that, i am new to uber ( 3weeks) decided to do uber and uber pool , my rating droped to 4.61 scared that they might deactivate me ( i sent uber a mercy letter but got nothing back it looked like a automatic machine had just sent me robotic letter letter) .

  5. Hi I am a new subscriber as well as a new Lyft and Uber driver too. I'm started off with Lyft today since I'm using their rental car and my personal car with Uber and soon I'll have my personal car with Lyft so I can use both at the same time. Well I just started today and got about 4 ride in 5 hours of work. I notice that you mainly focus on the suburbs. I live in Herndon VA only minutes away from the town center and less than 5 minutes from the airport. Is it possible for me to just focus on the suburbs on VA heavily with Lyft and what areas of the suburbs would you recommend? I will be doing this full time for at least a month. Thanks for your videos they are all helpful!!

  6. Hi uber DC,very good videos.i drive in the LA area for lyft and uber and I always carry chargers,bottled water and even gum/candy and almost all the passengers will have some,and I always tried to make the ride safe and fun,but sometimes people are just not having a good day and they won't say a word during the trip.ill just drive them to their destination and just hope I did a good job and get that 5 star and if it's possible a good comment.

  7. Uber DC love the amazing videos keep up the great work just had a thought on a recent video …you describe how you rate your pool passengers I believe is unfair and give them load ratings for using Uber pool just my opinion also a video that you posted I believe in that because we're independent contractors that we should have a choice or if we want to accept pool pax not that's just like saying I owed A MacDonald's franchise & I can decide how I want to make the hamburgers I'm just saying keep up the great videos! Uber On Lyft On

  8. I'm thinking about doing Uber / Lyft and wanted to get anyone's opinion on getting a car just for this specific purpose. Does it make sense? One other thing, do you need to incorporate and make this into a personal business? I believe Uber / Lyft drivers are paid as contractors? right?