Uber/Lyft Driver – Disinfect Your Car

Quick little video on a couple of things to disinfect your car.

Camera Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

To be a Uber Driver – https://www.uber.com/
Use promo code: xetmd
1st Time Uber Rider Promo Code: xetmd

To be a Lyft Driver – https://www.lyft.com/drivers/PAUL337468
1st Time Lyft Rider use promo code: PAUL337468

American Cancer Society/Relay for Life

GoPro Info: http://gopro.com/
Removu info: https://www.removu.com/


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  1. I've already have had to get my cloth (unfortunately, couldn't afford leather last go) seats totally disinfected. Cost me $70, and the super not-awesome Uber wouldn't even ask the pax that messed it up to fix it. The guy left a ton of bacteria buried in my front pax seat, and Uber wanted a photo. I'm like, I cannot really photograph an odor, so since I failed to provide proof, I got stuck with the bill. Fortunately, I won't be doing this much longer. Stay safe, Paul. Hope you're back to 100% soon.