Uber/Lyft Driver – How to get Tips from your Passengers

This video is a review of the headrest and tip jars that will help you
break the silence on how to get tips from your passengers. Without
you saying a word, your passengers will be able to read the signs in
your headrest and then ask you questions about tipping.
Then take those tips and put them in your Tip Jar.
Good Luck and you are welcome!!
Tipsters – https://squareup.com/store/tipsters
Headrest – https://squareup.com/market/uber-man-store/item/uber-headrest-covers


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  1. Hi I drive uber in Los angeles and I want to ask you about the tip jar I had like a tip jar in the back of my passenger seat and someone stole a tip jar from meToday can you tell me where I can store my tip jar so that they can't steal it?

  2. Is there a concern for getting robbed since passengers know there is cash in the vehicle? Also has amyone ever thought of adding a venmo link for thise passengers that really want to tip electronically or is that crass?

  3. Thanks for the tips on tipping UberDC! My headrest signs say "Tips are NOT required but are certainly appreciated! :-)" My passengers simply hand me their tips and I always respond with something like "Thank you so much!" or "Bless your heart!" and then the tip goes in my bra for safe-keeping. While on the subject, I love talking with my passengers but I also think it helps establish a pseudo emotional bond with the passenger so that by the end of the ride they feel a little more pressured to tip. On the subject of tip jars, don't you find that there is a huge security risk with a tip jar? What are your thoughts?

  4. the headrests are great for me…tipping is better and educating the riders about the 4 star rating being a bad rating is wonderful too…I have had many many riders tell me they didn't realize that 4 out of 5 would be a bad thing…one lady just the other day said she always gave a 4 star unless she was amazed about something the driver did, now she said she will do 5 for most of her drivers unless they do something to get less.

  5. with videos on you tube saying as a uber or lyft driver you can make $1000 a week from other uber or lyft drivers, why should i as a passenger then have to be guilted into tipping…..nope not going to happen. Now if i feel you deserve a Cash tip i will definitely give you that but every time i get into a uber or lyft to feel the need to tip is absurd, sometimes i am in uber or lyfts 6 or 7 times a day does that mean tip each time…..cmon

  6. Guys if you sign up with multiple companies then you don’t have to rely on uber much. So in nyc my primary choice is JUNO, then Gett Taxi (also 10% commission), Lyft, and finally uber only during surge. I like how you think, so we have to organize and get the message out. In time as JUNO grows I will drop all the other companies as they still don’t have market share to a level where I want. But a great company and does care about drivers and low commission. You guys can also sign up with your local car service company as limosys is an app that car service companies use to connects passengers with drivers. If you use all of the strategies then you only want to use uber when they are surging. This will force them to change or lose market share as during normal fare time, the driver base abandons uber’s app.

  7. Tell Lyft users NOT to tip with the app. Ever. And explain:

    First, that gives the tax man 20% of the tip right off the top.
    Secondly, Lyft is recording tips – so they'll use that as an excuse to lower rates saying that drivers are making up the dif in tips.

    Say NO to electronic tips.

  8. Are you ready for that new contract to roll out? In the middle of a great streak you will have to do Uber Eats and stop by long lines at Burger King and Chili's to get food for people. If not, deactivation! No tips either! Make sure you don't forget the ketchup packets and the salt and pepper! After that, a nice string of 5 pool rides too!