Uber/Lyft Driver – How to Work with Roundtrip Passenger

Here is some information on how to deal with the passenger who wants a round trip or multiple drop offs.
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  1. I tried that, and the trip didn't happen — no charge. I took her to Wendys, she changed the destination back to where I'd picked her up at. I ended the trip at her house where I'd picked her up, and the whole trip never appeared in my earning/trip report.

  2. I really like that Uber (within the last 2 weeks) updated the driver app so you can actually turn off new trip requests while you are still on a ride. Just hit the button like you would go to contact a rider or cancel and then you can "switch off" but not affect the current ride. It is nice to take the responsibility out of the riders' hands to update or delete their destination for a round-trip, especially if they are quite inebriated. Your "Acceptance Rate" will now not suffer needlessly, especially if it is a really busy time. Uber on brother.

  3. Are you part-time or full-time? What is pay potential thanks. You can inbox if you want Love your videos sorry for all the questions. Want to work part-time job so can put more of my fulltime money in Stock and 410k at work and I need new ride (:

  4. Ive had the same thing happen to me many times with no problems. I just got approved for Uber finally after 8 weeks of waiting on last Friday night about 7:45pm. Was focusing mainly on Lyft for the power driver 20% bonus friday and saturday night, and lost a solid hour to 90 min offline on both apps on friday during prime hours playing around with the uber partner app, watching the videos and just studying and learning the Uber app. but still on Friday night thru Sunday morning i made 345.00 on Lyft including tips thru the app and power bonus and another 134.00 on 14 Uber rides including 19.00 in cash tips from uber passengers. Taking tonight off to recharge my batteries for my first full week with being able to run both apps at the same time! Expect an update video on my channel about all this soon! You heard it here first! UBER ON!!