Uber/Lyft Driver – Picked up Wrong Passenger

Well it happened to me. I picked up the wrong passenger. I was at the right location, I saw who I thought was my passenger. I asked his name he says yes, so off I went.


Camera Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

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  1. I mean that's not your fault, you confirmed the pax name, they told you yes they are allegedly your fare and it turns out they aren't.. You could have confirmed their destination, but who knows if they're even gonna understand your question..But maybe in the future confirm their name and destination..

  2. I watched 3 of my riders get into a very similar car as mine. They were across the street waiting and as soon as the vehicle pulled up to the stop light they just hopped in. For some reason I just knew they were my pick up. I probably should have called right then but the humor of them hopping in had me captivated. Then just like I thought I see them pointing over to my car. They hopped out & headed to me. Needless to say we all had a good laugh. That said passengers really need to be careful. They get buzzed and do not take the proper steps to ensure they have the correct vehicle. I have had friends that don't even drive for Uber tell me a stranger hopped in their cars not paying attention. All in all I like Uber but if it weren't for the funny passengers at times I'd probably stop driving.

  3. Have you ever had a very difficult passenger in your car and had to ask them to leave or behave? I had a really difficult guy in the car last week. Had to bite my tongue but wanted to cuss him out so bad!

  4. Did you ask him his name, or did you say his name? I never say their name until they do. they need to say their name before they get in my car. I have only jacked one ride in my first 1700 rides.

  5. I had a group get in my car then the people that requested me walk up and say…this is my Uber. So it almost happened. Very easy to happen if you are picking up from a bar or nightclub. A picture of the passenger would be helpful on the screen.

    Sorry about the Caps but the Penguins were red hot down the stretch and have a young rookie goalie that doesn't seem to be scared of anything.

    I had an incident with 3-5 young women (drunk) where I ended up cancelling the ride. They wouldn't get out of the car. They started yelling nasty things to me and finally got out. Then they blocked me from backing up and banged on my trunk. I might have to get a video camera. I am now being more cautious about passenger ratings when I pickup late at night when the bars close. It is just not worth it to get nasty drunks with low ratings in your car. The trip will be bad and they will most likely rate you low.

  6. Don't feel badly….. I almost picked up the wrong person. Both folks were at a local hospital, and I recognized the one lady….. well, I opened the hatch for her bag, and she told me I was taking the other individual (no bags). Was confusing….. I'm sure it'll happen to me sooner or later. Are you running down to TPC for Military Appreciation Day? Think it's going to be a great tournament this year. Stay safe!

  7. Hey Paul, been a sub since day 1! Love your vids. Can you explain how you ha doe passengers that being open alcohol into the car? Or any open cup that is resembling booze? Thanks. -Brandon