Uber/Lyft driver – Questions and Answers from You

This video just answers some questions I have been asked. If yours was not answered, maybe next time.

Camera Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

To be a Uber Driver – https://www.uber.com/
Use promo code: xetmd
1st Time Uber Rider Promo Code: xetmd

To be a Lyft Driver – https://www.lyft.com/drivers/PAUL337468
1st Time Lyft Rider use promo code: PAUL337468

American Cancer Society/Relay for Life

GoPro Info: http://gopro.com/
Removu info: https://www.removu.com/


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  1. just want to say thanks for your videos. they helped me when I first started driving and continue to help. I agree with you 100% on people who want to say negative comments online. keyboard courage is what they call it I think. thanks again.

  2. Great videos! I am a new driver in my third week and trying to make it work for me. Like you I live in the suburbs and struggle with finding rides without having to go into the city. Keep up the good work. Your a motivation. How about a shout out in your next video since I binged watched all of your videos in about two days? Haha thanks Uber DC.