Uber/Lyft Driver – Quotas, Goals & Satisfaction

Hey all, was without computer for a short time. I have some vids to put out. Also a shout out to Ashtray Candy. You can find me doing live broadcast on Periscope. Free app you can download and ask me questions live.

Camera Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
REMOVU M1 + A1 Bluetooth Microphone

To be a Uber Driver – https://www.uber.com/
Use promo code: xetmd
1st Time Uber Rider Promo Code: xetmd

To be a Lyft Driver – https://www.lyft.com/drivers/PAUL337468
1st Time Lyft Rider use promo code: PAUL337468

American Cancer Society/Relay for Life

GoPro Info: http://gopro.com/
Removu info: https://www.removu.com/


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  1. I wish my Starbucks had so quick service. I'm in Vancouver Canada the largest city in North America that doesn't have Uber. Hopefully next year our government will ok it. But I enjoy your rides. I will be taking Uber for the first time this month on my trip down south.

  2. Sorry Paul more questions Lol.  Better to use 2 phones if driving for Uber and Lyft or 1?  The Nationals and Redskins are playing Friday?  Is camping out near the stadium before the end of the game good plan?

  3. Since I'm a Noob or Newb. Lol   I would take your Uberpools..  I'm definitely doing something wrong ): I will figure out though luckily I don't need the extra money.  Just want to able to do $200.00 a week at 20 hours  Want to pay my condo in Myrtle off in 9 years want to retire by age 60 if possible I'm 51 now.  My full time job every other week. I'm off Friday Saturday and Sunday Once I'm done with my summer vacations and gets cold outside going really put some time in on driving

  4. funny you mentioned all of the goals i have set for myself…not slamming the gas pedal to save gas, dead miles etc etc etc….quotas are a great idea!! I set each days goals based on my past experience with those days and where I have had the best luck. It is nice when you hit it early and call it a day!!!

  5. I have some numbers in my head each weekend but I never know how its all going to pan out….too many unpredictable factors…The weather, the number of Ubers I have to compete with and the amount of price surges. Ultimately for me the final hour from 1AM to 2AM usually makes or breaks the night. I can make anywhere from $20 to $100 in that final hour. I appreciate all of the tips I get since they are few and far between.

    I got lucky last Saturday night when I had back to back cancels at lower surge rates because the customers were not at the pickup point and then I caught a 4x surge and a very long trip for a $90 fare and then headed home.

    Uber has that risk/reward piece to it … you can gamble and go for a higher surge but you have to cancel or stay offline until the surge builds… The risk is the surge builds and then you don't get a ride, the ride you get cancels, or the ride you get is a short one. My usual play is to wait until the surge is at least 2x and get a ride and hopefully have enough time for a 2nd ride at 4x or 5x but that doesnt always work out. But I see so many drivers pickup at 1x right before the bars let out or as the bars let out. This is sooooo dumb. Some drivers haven't figured out that you make double the money in half the time when you get a 2x surge. So its financially better for you to sit and wait offline until the surge builds then come online and take a ride.

    My dream is to catch that 100 mile 4x surge ride. I heard a story about a driver that caught a 100 mile 7x surge ride on New Years and made nearly $1000.

  6. You are like my wise Uber sage. LOL I know you're doing these vids for the love of it, but you are really helping folks. At least me anyway. I watched so many of your vids before taking my first ride.

    This was a good vid for me because I do have some goals to hit. $350 per week for the rest of the year would allow me to cross quite a few goals off of my list and just knowing that someone else is out there grinding to hit their goals is motivating. Like a virtual support system. thanks

  7. Hey, I love your videos. I started driving for Uber to earn a little extra money. I'm loving it so far. A little over a month now. Just a question? Is the 5min rule a real thing? If you don't have any customers, can you wait longer or do you follow the rules and wait 5min then cancel. I had a passenger today. She was like 10min late. Told her that Uber requires us drivers to wait 5min. She told me she never heard of it and drivers have waited 20min for her. But she gave me a $20 tip but then gave me a crappy rating. Doesn't bother me but curious on the cancel after 5min thing. Keep on doing a great job with your videos. Looking forward to more. Thanks in advance!

  8. You are going to love this…out here in the Chicago area Uber just sent out an email for an update that says now that when you get an UberPOOL and you get a second ping you will automatically be assigned the second rider instead of being able to not accept it. I am not a fan of UberPOOL so I will no longer be accepting POOL rides. Just a heads up that might happen out by you.