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Short video on a unique product design to help ALL drivers get more tips. You do not have to say a word. Let the sign do the talking. Camera Used – GoPro Hero …


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  1. I ordered something just like this on ebay before I started. Tips are not included or necessary but greatly appreciated. My first day with uber and no sign about 8-10 rides.. no tips. Then the sign came in time for my second day out. same amount of rides, 25 dollars in tips. It definitely helps you get tips. just on the rear view mirror.. i wouldn't decorate your car with tips signs.

  2. I got the white plastic one on my rear view mirror, but the PAX are still not tipping. They are so used to getting a cheap ride and thinking tipping is not necessary since they want to save their money. The way I see it as, the PAX view Uber like a fast food restaurant and not a upscale eateries, so tipping is not on their mind. BTW, I am driving in the Silicon Valley market.

  3. I am not a fan of any kind of sign is in the car which is asking for a tip or A5 star rating from what I've heard people that have put tip jars out and signs out get more tips but their ratings go down because customers don't like it they don't want to stare at something for 20 minutes to a half an hour to an hour the block their View or is right on the seat back