Uber/Lyft Driver – Uber Driver Vlog 1

This was made on Saturday July 15. Before I heard that tips were
now available on the app. I have a few passengers on here as well.
Cameras Used – GoPro Hero Sessions 5
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  1. Hey Uber DC! I'm a big fan and I have a question for you! Would you ever consider becoming a taxi driver instead of an Uber/Lyft driver? Or would you just drive with Uber/Lyft? Love the videos keep them up!

  2. Thank you Uber DC! Check out my new video that I did yesterday on YouTube, it's now under UberGirlPaula. I'm just getting started for blogging in Monterey, CA. I gave you a shout out, what is your name btw?

  3. Hi Uber DC: I wanted to update you on the Mystro referral program for content creators. You get $10 for each new paid monthly sub, and $25 for each new paid yearly sub. This is only for YouTube creators. If you're interested please get with me at randy@mystrodriver.com and we will get you setup!


    Randy L. Shear

  4. How do you deal with customers who demand to be picked up in places that would force you to stop and block active lanes of traffic, where there might be a place to pull over out of the way, 50 feet up or so? We're having a severe problem with Uber drivers lately, blocking traffic, fire hydrants and bus zones to pick up their customers and it's driving me crazy.

  5. Hey question for you, i just started this week and I don't know if I am better off driving around waiting for people or parking on a mall area? Suggestions? My car is a bit of a gas guzzler.