Uber/Lyft Drivers – Bad Airport Drivers

Some venting about Uber/Lyft drivers calling up passengers and
cancelling rides. Stop this bad practice.
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Comment (27)

  1. Paul, this is off topic but what is your take on the new ping bs where you cannot see the pick-up address anymore unless you accept? Again, just like pool this is a driving hazard and can hurt our ratings because we look like idiots who are lost! There is no time to look at the map while driving to see where it is? I'm sure there will be more cancellations now because many areas are unsafe!  Is it National Harbor or crime infested Southern Ave? Is it the office complex on Worldgate Dr. or the MS-13 guy across the street? Please give us your expert opinion on this.

  2. This happened to me! I reported him to uber. Best part, he didn't cancel the ride – so he tried to scam the $5 too! Just called me and said he had a flat then sat there. This guy is getting banned most definitely. At Dulles airport no less. Maybe it was Regan, cant remember now.

  3. I totally agree with you, Paul! That kind of crap hurts our businesses as a whole! I hate that drivers hang out at the airport anyway! Here in Des Moines I feel like Uber, especially on a week day, will try to send me to "Timbuktu" for a pick-up because of the lack of drivers on the road, yet on that same day I'll see 3 or 4 drivers hanging out at the airport! That tremendously affects my business because, as we all know, time is money! In our case, time is literally money! WE have to think about our business image! We should all know that how we handle our requests affects us ALL!!!

    On a side note… Paul, you said that you had a $50 fare yesterday. Roughly how far was that drive? Just curious. ?

  4. Being at the airport has really got nothing to do with calling folks..LOL…you are not suppose to call people regardless and ask them where they are going!!LOL….that's why UBER does not want us to KNOW where we are going!!..that's what cab drivers do, SCREEN their calls. I'd be pissed off as well. If I PLAY by the rules, all you other drivers better, cause if not, you are cheating in a way. Uber needs to boot you from the platform!! Another example Paul of extra drivers who are clogging up the system for the drivers like us who play by the rules. UBER gives us the option of 'accepting the ping' or NOT accepting the ping", once we accept, that's it, we have made a commitment. Not fair to the passenger at all. Just cause you do not like where the passenger is going, tough luck buddy. Sure after I accept calls, and then find out when I arrive for pick up where the passenger is going, sometimes I say to myself, I should have let this one go but i didn't, so it's on me!!! GOOD VENT, and I agree 100%

  5. That's crazy! I purposely don't go to either airport in our area for fear that I would get turned around! But in all seriousness… who wants short rides! I love my long rides across D.C. Into VA or into MD! Crazy people!

  6. Hey Paul, I would love to pick people up from the airport, and Tri-Cities airport is in Pasco, but unfortunately, the city of Pasco won't allow Uber to operate unless drivers are fingerprinted. Do we as drivers just wait around until the city council reconvenes in another 6 months? We can already pick up in Richland and Kennewick, but it would sure be nice if we could pick up those airport fares. Plus, any tourists visiting the area kind of expect Uber to be operating (especially since the Tri-Cities airport is growing).

  7. I always tell my new riders if an Uber driver calls them and asks them where they are going to just tell the driver they have not decided yet, they will figure it out when they get in the car. Not going to be in Vegas for 4th of July are you Paul???