Uber/Lyft Drivers – Drivers Being Mugged – Some Thought and Insight

Just a little something I want all drivers to think about. safety
first for yourself. Do not put yourself in danger for a few dollars.
Cameras Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, Hero 3 Black, Hero 5…


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  1. Well , you're going to see more messed up cars, now that we are REQUIRED to take passenger's with their guide dogs!!! Before i was allowed to sign on , was required too check all boxes that I will conform. 1.) take a passenger with her guide pet. 2.) even if you are allergic to the guide pet, you must take them!! 3. ) Even if other passenger's in your car are allergic you still must take the passenger and their guide pet.) Failure to accept these terms will result in one being denied access to the platform. Thoughts?

  2. I've had to kick passengers out only once in my Uber career. They kept yelling at me and demanding to inspect all the little personal storage areas of my vehicle (I'm handicapped and have to carry a number of medical devices). What was most important about the incident is that I had to establish that I was the one in command of the vehicle and, quite frankly, the service that I provide.

  3. An incident can occur at anytime and anyplace. You have to assess the risk with each ride. Keep situational awareness at all times and be aware of your own biases that could affect your judgement. Have a contingency plan in case something does happen. Paul you should do a video on best practices for safety.

  4. I can't even activate the fuel card they offer as an reward . this ERROR: (U"SERVER RAISED FAULT: 'BUSINESSEXCEPTION:MULTIPLE CARDS FOUND FOR THE SUPPLIED CARD IDENTIFIER'",). Makes no sense. I agree protect yourself. I control where I drive .

  5. Well say Paul.
    there's certain areas I don't drive if I get a ping in that area I'll just ignore it, I don't accept cash Fares I just cancel it , there's people in Manchester Order uber and not paying the driver and then they give you one star