Uber/Lyft Drivers – Making more Money in the Suburbs

Today this video talks about how to build up your customer base.
I talked about this a while back, here is another version of how
to make this work for you.
Camera Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
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Uber Referral Code: https://get.uber.com/drive-vs/?exp=vs-t&invite_code=xetmd
Lyft Referral Code: https://www.lyft.com/drivers/PAUL337468
JUNO Referral Code: http://gojuno.com/ref/code/5634-294
Tipsters – https://squareup.com/store/tipsters
Headrest Covers – https://squareup.com/market/uber-man-store/item/uber-headrest-covers
Nashville Lyftzone
Uberman UK
Jermaine Ellis
Uber Man
The Rideshare Guy


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  1. I made flyers and business cards. I dropped them off in mailboxes and cars at malls and I promote Lyft  a lot since  the referral sign up bonus is usually the best for both party's.

  2. Hey Paul Any good tips from the all the women marching and protesting against our new President? D.C must have been a mad house of folks.maybe they just blocked ride share drivers from the area?

  3. Hey mate, hope you're well. I'm headed to FL on Wed, never used Uber/Lyft as a passenger. Any tips for cheaper/free rides? I think there are codes or something for first time riders.

  4. Especially for early morning runs to the airport suburban rides can definitely be hugely profitable if you can catch a long fare! If you stay in the suburbs long enough you'll most likely get pulled into the city as well and towards the hotspots.

  5. I was curious about how you use the application. are you supposed to turn it on right away or go to your destination where you want to work and then turn the application on

  6. i Have 8 people that call me on my phone and pre arrange rides on a consistent basis. They know me and feel comfortable riding with me so they would rather do Uber that way. They usually call the Uber when in my Vehicle. Of course it will come to me.

  7. Great substance in this video. I've been driving in DC, but I live in Manassas. I was so tired, I recently started driving in Loudon County, and Fairfax County. I make 700 – 900 per week. My body isn't beat up sitting in traffic in 295, 395, 495. I was about to give up driving because I was so tired. I discovered it by chance, I was headed to DC via rt 28 and got a ping, then another, then another till I was in Ashburn and then that ride went to Dulles Airport and I was hooked on my new route
    Thanks once again for your videos

  8. I start out Lyft in Falls Church and go wherever I end up. Have gotten rides twice now so close to home that the car was still freezing. Most of the time I end up in DC I have a parking spot there which I almost never wait more than 10 minutes for a run. Most are short and work well towards the 80 ride power bonus. Once I hit 80 though I hit the burbs. Rides are longer and it doesn't take a half hour to run a 5 dollar ride (Like in DC)

  9. that is not true, I had a guy in my car trying to get a ride and he kept getting someone 7 mins away even tho I was sitting there with him. took 3 trys to get me

  10. I always stick to the suburbs as I find people go on longer trips, If I stay in the city if Manchester it's just short hops. Business cards are a good idea Paul. But would not like to put my mobile on it.