Uber/Lyft Drivers – Shorter Cancellation Times – Get Paid

180 Days of change with Uber now brings us shorter cancellation
times. Now after 2 minutes, we get paid.
Cameras Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, Hero 3 Black, Hero 5 Black
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Coach Carl Carl Lawrence AKA Coach Carl Private Investigator Extraordinaire has been in the transportation industry for over 20 years. I was driving cab in New York City before Uber was ever a thought. As technology changes, we all have to change with all the new innovations that are occurring every day. So with technology, it is time to bring all Cab/Rideshare drivers under one roof. With numbers there is power. So let's drive into the future together... Coach Carl

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  1. Hey random question sir. I am thinking about being an uber driver (I live in VA as well) and I saw you have a dash cam which I assume is to record the passengers. What exactly is the rule about that? I read that its a one party consent rule in va but what if you have more than one passenger? Do you usually just warn passengers that they are being recorded? Thanks for the help.

  2. I can see its going to cause riders to make less cancellations but it could be more likely to unfairly charge customers a cancellation fee…I'm almost wanting to call this Money grab.

    recently I've driven 10minutes waited 5 minutes not heard a thing fr the rider and cancelled. in this situation I earned a regular price cancellation fee after wasting 15 minutes of my time… its abit unbalanced to get the same cancellation fee for different amounts of wasted time and fuel

  3. Chevy Cruzes drive nice and have nice fancy leather and spaceship-looking dashboard but after 20,000 miles you will be at the mechanics on a regular basis, if it doesn't get recalled for some faulty shenanigan.
    Moral of the Story: Honda Civic