Uber/Lyft Drivers Tip Jar Tuesday 39

Lots of electronic tips this week, but still room to get more.
Cameras Used – GoPro Hero Sessions 5
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  1. Heights I want your day here. I actually made a hundred and $7 in tips this week I know I had you be but then again I did 68 drips and do Drive full time. Driving over 44 hours. So it seems that the Tipping app in the word of tipping on Uber is spreading to other people made the 70 $6 of that money in cash cash still out rates the app tips at this point. But it seems we're getting more tips even if it's a dollar or two or three because of the Tipping app interesting isn't it. did not send your condolences last week but I was so sad to hear that your father had passed away take care you be safe Uber on?