Uber/Lyft Drivers – Uber Put me on Time Out

I was put on time out by uber for skipping 3 uberpool rides. I was in the Burbs where there is no chance in Hell that I am getting a second ride. Not that I would have taken it, but still. I would have taken the Pool ride since it was by my house, but when I texted the person that she choose pool by mistake, she said no it was no mistake. Sorry, CANCELLED!
Camera Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
REMOVU M1 + A1 Bluetooth Microphone
To be a Uber Driver – https://get.uber.com/drive-vs/?exp=vs-t&invite_code=xetmd
To be a Lyft Driver – https://www.lyft.com/drivers/PAUL337468
1st Time Lyft Rider use promo code: PAUL337468
American Cancer Society/Relay for Life
Jermaine Ellis
Uber Man
The Rideshare Guy
Nashville Lyftzone


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  1. I tried to Uber for the fist time today in DC. I live 35mins south of the city. I drove all around DC for 3 hours and didnt get one ping. this was really frustrating. Could it be saturday afternoons are bad or are there only certain locations to make money?

  2. Drove down in Ocean City last night during the bikefest…it was decent for this time of the year. Some surge fares. Some decent tips. Lots of Uber drivers come in from Baltimore and DC for the weekend to drive Uber. Anyhow it is good to have Maryland pickups back as an option. Delaware slows down bigtime in September. No POOL option in Ocean City or Delaware at this time.

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    hello everyone who is looking for a part-time job or full time job, the is a perfect for you. Uber is currently looking for drivers and have a promotion going for all new drivers who drive 50 costumers. Just your 50th ride you get a $500 included to you pay check. So any college student or young adult or adult out there looking to get weekly pay and make easily money and love driving then you are at the right place use this code when signing up to guarantee you $500 after your 50th ride

  4. You can opt out of uberPOOL, but it isn't easy. You need to keep emailing uber all the reasons you want to opt out. They will keep telling you it is not possible and lie about all the benefits of driving cheapskates around for peanuts. After at least 20 emails they allowed me to opt out of uberPOOL. POOL sucks beyond belief. It should be illegal. And putting drivers on time out is how you treat employees, not independent contractors. If uber is going to treat you like an employee they should give you insurance coverage.

  5. i want to send a video and i can't find your email addy Uber DC. I made a trip from Jacksonville to Orlando Intl Airport today. Question I have is I paid 4.50 in tolls. Will I get reimbursed automatically or do I need to submit this? I know I should know the answer to this but I never have had to pay tolls before.