UberMan on how to handle Uber passengers who cancel a trip mid-ride!

What do you do when you get an Uber pax who cancels a trip mid-ride? It’s frustrating but almost guaranteed to happen to you once, so here’s UberMan’s advice for handling this issue.

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Comment (33)

  1. why do you kiss but with uber?
    Uber is the worst rideshare company to work and deal with it.
    especially when issues like you are describing Uber reps are either retarded or kiss uber ceo ass
    because they do not pay and they don't care about you period.

  2. I drive Uberx and on several occasions had 5 ppl try to get in my car. I tell them not gonna happen you'll need to request an xl.
    They say oh no we,re fine it just a short trip we will be ok like this. Me: No sorry illegal and my car really don't want you tearing it up my piling in the way it's not setup for.

  3. what I have happened to me a few times now is after I pick them up especially during surge they cancel over and over till the surge goes down. Happened to me last night I was hot. They cancelled during a 3.5 surge. Then requested over and over to try and get me as there driver. well finally when I got them the surge was over. They did this while in my car. This has happened more then once now.

  4. Better advice,if they're white, taken to a dark part of town. If they're black drive them to whitesville and report them as suspicious and let the police handle them. Or, jump on the closest freeway out of town and drive them to the middle of nowhere and kick them out. I look at that as robbery, handle it accordingly. If you give them the ride and they cancelled, they'll do it to the next one and the one after that, unless they learn a lesson. Tell uber that's where it looked like they wanted to go before THEY cancelled the trip, I was trying to do right by them. Fuck them

  5. This happened to me when I was a fairly new driver. I saw the alert on my phone screen that the ride was cancelled and asked the passengers about it. The guy told me to just drop them off and he would pay me cash. I politely pulled my car over and explained that I could not drive them anywhere if the trip request wasn't active. The girl told me how stupid I was for not just accepting the cash (which I'm sure was much less than the fare at the 2.3x surge). I took my keys OUT of the ignition and got out of the car when they insisted I needed to get THEM another Uber since I refused to drive them anywhere. I told them they could sit there all night if they wanted to. My car, my terms. You can't circumvent the system and expect me to play along. #WrongChic

  6. The problem with continuing the trip is you will not be covered under ubers insurance if you have an accident . I know a lot of people are going to argue about this but understand that if there is any way for an insurance company to get out of paying they will.

  7. the couple times I've had this it was someone requesting a ride for friends. Yes, I made sure it was the right people, even spoke with the requestor. they canceled before I was really moving some I stopped immediately.

  8. Lyft will actually cancel the ride on you in the middle of the ride if you cancel someone they've added on Lyft line. And they won't pay you for the rest of the legit ride you are on (I'm assuming you didn't just make them get out and finished the ride). I know because it happened to me and they wouldn't "make it right" and just pay me for finishing the ride I was on; saying it was my fault….somehow. Moral of the story is don't drive for Lyft? Don't do Lyft Line rides? Or don't cancel on people they've added no matter how legit the reason? I dunno.

  9. These yahoos are always trying to scam something off of us. Less than $10 to get cross the city in many cases is still too expensive for some riders. If I figured it out with them in the car, I would take it personal for trying to take money out of my pocket. But of course, you are right about how to handle it, no doubt. Thx for the tips

  10. I took a young woman from Carlsbad to Burbank. $149 ride for 125 miles. I found out later that the trip ended early for $20. Sent a note to uber and they paid me the full amount (minus the 25% cut) a day later. Not sure if it was a bug or she cancelled early.