Uber’s Hourly Guarantee Explained

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  1. But you still get paid by fares and whichever is greater you get compensated for that. Good video buddy, shorter the shift like 12p to 4pm is better than longer shift during late night hours because of your point where demand may drop off second half of shift hours

  2. appreciate the video tho…I ended up in a detailed email conversation with uber over how there computer averages the trips over the hours because some days I didn't get the guarantee and some days I did…but you gave a good description of how it works

  3. I'm in the LA market BTW. …Culver city, marina, Venice, samo, Hollywood, WEHO..that's where I drive ..no shortage off trips I stay busy…I don't drive near Inglewood Hawthorne because not core LA and if you don't accept trips in those areas you penalize your self

  4. even when I didn't complete the full hours uber will detail your time and pay…example I was online for 4.52 hours and I would have earned $135.60 guaranteed. .based on my actual gross fares I made $96.11 so uber added $31.59 so they do pay partial on the hourly guarantee. ..