Uber’s Secretly Over Charging Riders on “Upfront” Fares Without Paying the Drivers

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Uber’s new “Upfront Fares” which is how riders are now charged by only displaying the total cost of an “estimated” ride without details or a fare breakdown, aren’t quite upfront. In fact based on information drivers collected, including a comparisons of the drivers earnings or gross fare compared to what riders are charged, there seems to be a difference in which the rider is either being over charged, or the driver is being under paid. So wheres the difference, overcharge, or left over amount…Uber keeps it!

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  1. That's why we drivers need to organize. If we unite and form a true representative association we will have the leverage to force Uber and Lyft to address our demands. In the video, it shows how much even $0.63 is when multiplied. Imagine the amount of money we could take from Uber and Lyft if we nationally boycotted for one day?

    Until we unite and speak as one voice Uber and Lyft will continue getting away with whatever they want.

    This type of careless abuse is but one more way drivers are getting screwed. There is a reason for only a certain number of taxi shields to be available in NYC. It is mainly to keep the market sustainable for both the pax and the driver. Uber and Lyft, because they have little or no skin in the game, have shifted most of its media money to bring in as many drivers as they can. A driver provides the vehicle, insurance, fuel, food, etc., but It costs Ride-Share companies nothing. A saturated market makes it virtually impossible to make a fair wage as a driver.

    So. If you want to do something join the Facebook page "Drivers United." It is a starting place for drivers to discuss and comment on the organizing process of building an association that will be able to leverage its collective power against the inequity that is rampant and growing by Uber and Lyft against drivers.

  2. im a taxi driver in UK, small town, so I dont know how it works in USA, but basically here drivers are self employed. If they have their own car then they pay a fee to the firm and get all the fares, If they rent a car, as I do now, then its a percentage of takings to the firm……….so its all upfront, no way to be clever like this Uber thing. I dont get why drivers rave about Uber. I also dont know why this same app, or similar, cant be sold to a regular cabfirm so the drivers can compete on a level footing.

  3. Technically its a scam cause there paying drivers one rate and charging riders another. Which in my opinion voids there claim that were independent contractors. Cause there paying us a rate now not the actual fare minus there commission. That's my issue we agreed when we signed up that we dont work for uber and they take a percentage from us for using the service which was fine when that's how it was working but then they added a booking fee which they keep all of so now there charging rider a few also getting paid on both ends not rite but hey that's business. But now with up front fares and uber pool there charging rider more than driver gets and keeping the difference which isn't what we agreed to. Basically now getting paid time plus distance not the actual fare which makes us employees. Cause uber is taking more than there 20 percent. And also on uber pool if u get only one rider let's say they pay 6 dollars and we get 10 because of distance and time uber still takes there 20 percent off what we get not actual fare ride paid. There keeping extra fare when rider pays more but when rider pays less there still taking fee on what they pay driver not the fare. So ur no longer partners ur now employees should refile case in court but not settle cause only the laywer wins when u settle u need to file in a state that if u win the other party meaning uber has to pay for ur cost meaning ur laywers. Which means u need to find a laywer willing to take that risk cause they want the case that they can settle for 100 mill and they get 33 mill and drivers split rest a couple hundred each but nothing changes so uber wins to.

  4. Sounds like Uber is doing arbitras between the rider and diver App. driver's do take the darker side of the stick in general; this sounds like it hurts the rider more then driver if the driver got base + time + miles correctly calculated.

  5. I am enjoying your style on your videos. Informational and at times entertaining! Going to be starting with LYFT in Vancouver WA next week. Very very part time but looking forward to it! Keep up the good work!

  6. So after a string of 11 emails involving 6 different support people I got an official answer about 1 ride that I recorded what they paid and what I got paid . Basically even with them showing the math, they call the $1.50 difference part of the Uber fee . Still waiting for the lawyer to get back to me but so far I'm being told laws differ from state to state . In PA many lawsuits over gross percentage pay have been settled in other industries . Guess we will see .

  7. I ask almost every rider to show me their final payout screen . I have collected over 100 cases of the payouts being wrong . The total is over $150 . I will being sending this to Uber and request compensation but I also talked to a local tax official, he suggested I take it to the Pittsburgh District Attorney . I am going to print it out tonight .

  8. Great video! In the interest of accuracy, I broke the story on 09-22-16. RSG reported it on 09-26-16, and you reported it 09-28-16. So you heard it first from Uber Man. My original video (which you passed over in this video) has over 6,400 views since 09-22. We may not like each other, but at least respect the truth, and give credit where credit is due. Have a good day.

  9. they are not overcharging passengers……they are underpaying the drivers. my theory is uber is mileage shaving and or time shaving the drivers. can you imagine shaving couple miles/time here and there on every uber ride across the nation and the world?