Unlocking SILVER DoorDash Dasher Rewards! (Worth It?)

I just unlocked the Silver Dasher Rewards tier. How long did it take, is it worth it to accept that many orders and what problems did I encounter?

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  1. Door dash is falling in the valley I work at. All dasher quitting and with this new pilot program I'm out…. tips are like no tips anymore since the hourly rate. Door dash is going down…. good news uber eats taking advantage!!! And instacart….. bye doordash when this program comes to me. I have many regular customers over 300 that will also say goodbye to doordash.

  2. trying to purchase a dash cam for safety reasons. Something not too expensive but good enough in case of some accidents. the problem is there are just so many out there. do you have advice or recommendations?

  3. The truth is the MBA that thought up this business model figured out that the companies could market these services so the driver would survive on a tip making up the difference because they are taking the majority of the exorbitant fee that they are charging the customer…(the customer obviously looks down on this person delivering their groceries, its a class prejudice)

    We vote with our vote, but we also vote with our money….Just because a company is telling you its a tip doesn't make it so…ITS A DELIVERY FEE YOU CAN LOOK DOWN ON THE POOR SLUB DOING THE JOB, but you can't complain when your benefiting from the system.

    would you deliver 100lbs of groceries for $10…using you car? Your Gas? No? but you sure have no problem using that "Delivery boy" for your needs

    Until these companies treat human beings with common respect and value … Stop using them

  4. I've been on Silver here in NYC for 2 weeks, where you need 60% AR to qualify. There is absolutely no advantage to being Silver, at least here. No difference in scheduling, no difference in Dash Now. I get $4.50 for 1.5 miles with the sign saying my Silver status qualified me for the high paying order. I still get $2 for 7 mile offers. I just lost Silver status yesterday because I declined 2 stacked orders at the end of my shift, one was $3.50 for 8 miles and the other was $7 for 19 miles. Now I'm at 59% and I could care less.

  5. If the drivers support says to keep the food I keep the food. I feel it’s them giving permission. Same goes if the restaurant says to keep the food. They usually just throw the food away since they can’t accept returns on food.

  6. Why would you take food back to a restaurant if they made the mistake and gave it to you they're going to take it and they're going to throw it in the f**** garbage so it is an essence you just threw it in the garbage because what you think they were going to be able to f**** save their mistake and get the money for that pizza who gives a f*** they cost less than a dollar when you're making them in bulk. And besides you have no idea what people do with things and I'll leave it to your imagination to wonder or ask what those things are

  7. I've only been doing this for a year, about 4000 orders, and I don't recall a customer ever inspecting their order in front of me, but if they did, and they did find something extra, I'd tell them to keep it. If they then give it to me, well, whatever. If it's in the bag, it belongs to the customer.

  8. @6:50 just because you are 2% away from your goal DOESN'T mean 2 completions will get you there. It all depends on how many declines you had 100 ago. I don't understand why drivers can't figure out a "rolling 100" method. If you declined 5 in a row 100-95 offers ago, you might have to accept 7 or more to gain 2 completion points.