Update: My First Week as a Full-time Instacart Shopper

Interested in giving Instacart a try?? Click the link below to get started.



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  1. This was helpful thank you… I just started , is it always hard getting hours when Sunday and Wednesday come around…opening up the schdule for hour was crazy….the app isn't handling the over load well… I was going nuts

  2. HELP! I just started my profile and had no idea that when I took my picture it would actually be shown. I thought it was just "confirming my identity" with my drivers license like it said.. I had just got done with a morning or crying and well.. it's not very presentable or attractive for customers ? please tell me there's a way to change the profile picture.

  3. I'm a retired guy and started with Instacart about 4 months ago. It has changed our lives. We were barely scraping buy on our retirement and now, because of them, we started traveling again, taking long weekdays and visiting places. Like you, so eloquently said, it gives you plenty of free time between batches to get all the must do stuff out of the way so when you are not working your free time is all yours. I do it part time but I wish you all the luck with being full time. I know you will make it.