VANTRUE CD and Universal Car Mounts – Links in Description!!!!

Vantrue CD mount for $11.99:

Vantrue CAR mount for $12.99:

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  1. QUESTION- with the suction mount, the 2 little feet that touch the bottom of your phone, would those be in the way of my iphones charging port and headphone jack? Or do they slide out of the way?
    Perfect timing I've been looking on amazing for a while because my other mount is not working out and I'm looking for a suction cup mount I really like that one!

  2. Wondering if other phone holders would fit in the ball mount to the suction cup. I have the Samsung wireless charging dock but that extendable arm is very appealing. Think they're the same size ball mount that I'd be able to use the vantrue arm with the Samsung holder?