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Heyyy! I’m back with another vegan family grocery haul for you! I love showing some of the ingredients and meals we’re enjoying as a family. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping? Leave me a comment.

Check out the blog post on my website with all the resources mentioned in the video:…


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  1. I'm thinking of going vegan and I just could not find any videos on how to start until you showed the document at the end. That will be a great help to me. I'm so glad I found your channel. I had to subscribe.

  2. I loved this! We buy a lot of the same items over here too, lol. Califia almond milk and that Pumpkin flax granola are made for each other, I swear. It's one of our toddler's fave vegan breakfast combos. Also, Instacart is awesome. We use them all the time. Great video!

  3. I rarely shop at Whole Foods, except for very specific things that I need/want faster than ordering online. Otherwise, it's Target, Wal-Mart, Aldi, Earth Fare, Trader Joe's, Amazon, farmers' markets, and my backyard when the garden's going.

  4. Love your authenticity lol I buy a lot of 365 brand foods as well. It's so affordable and tasty. We've been having spelt pasta lately which looks like whole wheat but tastes like regular pasta, it's a must try.

  5. I LOVE instacart! I also use FoodKick for more immediate deliveries. When I lived in Chicago I would shop at a combo of Aldi, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Target. I miss when shopping was easy & fun. Grocery stores in NYC stress me out.

  6. Heyyy Brown Vegan. Great Haul. I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe's and Sprouts. Last month I ran in Ralph's Grocery and wow was I amazed at all their great vegan options!! I've been going there more often. I am not sure if Ralph's are outside of California. Have a great day.

  7. I shop at Fairway Market. I think it's a chain only in New York. I find it to be pretty similar to Whole Foods, but I still miss Whole Foods. The store brand variety is unbeatable.

  8. Great haul! I enjoy shopping at Sprouts and TraderJoes. There's also a chain called King Soopers here in Colorado that has pretty good deals and great produce section. They are like Krogers I believe. I recently moved to Colorado from Illinois. Whole Foods is a rare pit stop cuz they're unnecessarily expensive -Lol. Thanks for sharing your haul.

  9. speaking of snacks, i just watched nikki limo's tasty tuesday vid where she made chocolate chip cookies out of chickpeas. according to her and her fiance, they are delicious. i plan to give the recipe a try. you can search for her video if you're interested, however, this is the link from the description area of the video: let us know if you try it ;-).