Video 1/150 Hertz_Lyft_Denver (day 17) Sunday 3rd week review power driver bonus acheived

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Day 17! After just 2 weeks in Denver I am making almost $800 a week using the Lyft-Hertz rental car program. This Hertz program is a game changer for all of ride-share!

I love travel and all I needed was some form of income and a car to jump 2,000 miles. I did it! This may be the first video uploaded, but there are over 50 others of my trip here all the way through to today. I will work on getting that content up. However, I thought it a great start to show what can be generated using Lyft in the Denver area.

Follow along… I got a lot to share with you about this incredible program!!!
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Thanks for watching! You can visit or which is the main section all about my Lyft-Hertz-Denver adventures.

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I am also building a page about the top fun things to do in Denver. I am just now collecting ideas, essays, pictures and videos to share. You can participate or see how that page is going here:

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