Video 56 – My Follow Up Review of @Instacart – Full Video

This is my Follow Up Video to my review of Instacart

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Know Your Financial Baseline:

How to Overcome a bad uber and lyft week:…


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  1. the proper term is pros and cons not negative or positive…call it for what it is when do you commentary…I cant stand when people think that saying something negative is some bad thing …I rather be transparent vs trying to give impression that speaking about a con is something bad. Just speak about your experiences but there a big difference between giving facts about a company vs telling your story about each company. ….whether you are in small city or big city Charlotte is no different than a small surburb city like Swanee or Lawerenceville….,it just a matter of truth Instacart, Uber Lfyt GH and all these companies know and has data as to projection of clients and shoppers in each region. ..otherwise they would not operate in a particular city……the projection of income has to do with the guarantee as long as you have not reach your initial 20 batches…otherwise it depends on if zones are guarantee or not but the policies are all the same in regards to IC..