Video response to kclark3858 regarding what is Amazon delivery all about?

This is my first video response to a comment on a YouTube video regarding what do we do at Amazon Flex as far as delivery. I would like any information people have about Amazon Prime delivery because I only do Amazon Logistics delivery and I would like more information on Prime. Please send me any video links that would be helpful.

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  1. Prime Now pays $36 per block plus tip. My first two blocks I received $19 and $20 in tips. That's $27-28 an hour! (if it takes you the whole 2 hours). I think the business hours for Prime Now is a little different. Earliest block starts at 8am, logistics is 6am right? That's only a 2 hour difference but that can mean less opportunity to pick up blocks.

  2. Have you tried Point Pickup, it a new delivery company. Also I was wondering if you can do a video on how many miles you put on your car each week, and how much you gross after expences each week after all your jobs, how many hours you work, taxes. I;m tired of corporate life looking for the freedom of no boss and flex schedule.

  3. In a previous comment on this thread someone states that prime now is not in Las Vegas, that is bull! I lived in Vegas at the beginning of 2016 and had prime now deliveries to my condo and I signed up for Flex in Vegas.

  4. Just for the record, your only fired if you accept a delivery block and don't show up, you can forfeit any blocks an hour ahead of time without any penalty. You won't be fired for being late to a delivery, just call support and explain what's going on. Not much you can do if your stuck in gridlock traffic or waiting for a train.

  5. Amazon Flex App Now Available for iPhone

    We are excited to announce the availability of the Amazon Flex app for iPhone in your area. To start the process, please join one of our Q&A Sessions for assistance and ask the host for the iOS link.

    Q&A Session 1:
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    You may enter the sessions during any of the times listed and do not need to stay for the entire session. Please take note of the session number on the information page, as you may need to input it to enter the session.

    We’re excited to have another way to deliver smiles!

    The Amazon Flex Team

  6. We never work longer than the block or blocks we have, many times you work less but still get paid for that block, for example, if you were to have a 6pm to 8pm block, and you have say 4 deliveries, many times you can get these to the customer in an hour, you may have time to make it back to the fulfillment center but won't have time to make any more deliveries. You might have time to pick up and deliver food to someone though, it depends on where you are, the dispatchers can track you via location information on your smartphone. They know how long it will take and will ping your app, then you swipe acknowledge on the app.

  7. The amazon prime now 1-2 hour deliveries can be a challenge in Portland OR but not impossible if you know your way around, I highly recommended using a tablet using Google maps in addition to the flex delivery app navigation. This way if you get stuck at a red light that takes several blocks to get through you can jump onto a parallel side street to save time and frustration.
    The hardest thing about Amazon prime now is not the deliveries or getting stuck in traffic, it's trying to get delivery blocks. Our flex app is basically the same except that if we don't get selected many hours after calender availability then we have to hunt, which basically means constantly refreshing the delivery app, then the real work begins and you have to be fast, like nanotechnology fast. Once "Schedule open delivery blocks" is seen you have to click on, then "Continue" but you can't be too fast on this because it confuses the app and you lose so you must wait until it receives it completely and not a moment longer, then the final step is "Accept delivery block" click on that as soon as you see it! If you are lucky you will get it and the app will let you know. Just make sure that if you do accept that you can make it to the fulfillment center on time, if you are late, you can kiss Amazon goodbye, you will be fired. Also keep in mind while hunting for hours, you are up against several people doing the same thing, possibly 50 or more, including myself. Hunting for blocks will only net you 2 hour blocks at a time unless someone does happen to forfeit a 6 hour block they have got from Amazon in advance, same principle, except that if you get the first delivery block then after that the continue screen is shown again, press it fast then accept delivery blocks, etc. I have scored many hours doing it this way so be on the lookout when it does happen. Internet connection matters, for example if I get to the screen "accept delivery blocks" and I press that the same time as someone else and they have a faster Internet connection, I lose. The reason we all do this is because it makes close to 30 bucks an hour with the tips. Its just a pain sometimes getting blocks, other times it all comes together and score 8 hours without even trying. Hope this helps.

  8. Maybe you could do a video on what its like doing Uber/Lyft as far as customers are concerned. Do you feel pressure to hold conversations with them? Are they ever rude? Do they ever damage your car?(My friend actually once spilled red wine in an Uber drivers car) Just an idea for a video 🙂

  9. if u can make a video vut I think because I have a truck we truck or van drivers should get paid more everyday amazon see my truck so they give me big box plus 50-60 boxes in apartment the thing I hate the most u got guys picking boxes and which person they wanna stick that with I think its BS