Vlog: UBER EATS LA Pay Structure Change – vlogmas #3

Starting 12/12/16, UberEats LA couriers will be paid under a new pay structure. Not sure how I feel about that, what are your thoughts?

Correction: starts 12/12/16

Correction: According to some driver emails there will be a 35% commission…
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Comment (32)

  1. so let me get this right Uber charge of the restaurant 20, 25 35% on the order then they're charging additional fee to the customer for booking and then they're assessing the driver 20,25 35% on the ride? seems to me that were on the wrong side of the deal. if only we can get their formulas for I'm on-boarding new restaurants and then establish our own delivery system that would make things so much more profitable for a delivery driver / independent contractor

  2. Hey ms C, I got to give it to u straight the reason why the pay is changing is cause UberEATS is coming to a end at the end of this month ,the sad part is they are doing this before Christmas when UberEATS end there going to be more driving doing rush, so it is what it is I don't think they should do that cause they don't get the over head see u guys call Uber rush UberEATS, but UberEATS is when u got the bags in your car and some days u don't sell everything in your bag so Uber takes a lost but now we are picking up from the restaurant so why change it, sad , but I didn't get the email. so we will see this week I'll let you know. ✌

  3. Thank you for your realness. The cut is really going to hurt drivers, because we already pay for everything already. Time is a very big deal for me, so I don't know if there will be a future for me with Uber. (shrugging my shoulders)

  4. WTH?!?! I'm here in Baltimore, and I haven't heard anything about restructuring the payments for UberEATS- it's probably just a matter of time. I guess they're doing what other companies seem to eventually do – "cutbacks". I feel you girl, but try to have an open mind and I know that if there's any way to work that sh*t for your benefit- you're gonna be the one to find it!!! Don't be discouraged! Don't let them throw you off your game- you'll know it's over when you've squeezed every damn dime out of them, before they put the squeeze on you! Drive Girl!…..drive…

  5. I'm 100% with you on being comp for your time. It seems to me that the motivation could be they're looking to structure it where restaurants can double order and not have to pay a premium on mileage.

  6. Haven't started a delivery yet, since I hadn't gotten my bags, but I got the e-mail and it looks like it would add up to a lot less, because they are also taking their 35% cut (which was only 25% before these changes.) As I understand, that cut is also taken from the base fee? If so, it seemed that you would be getting roughly 3$ per delivery (pick up and drop off combines) and then mileage would go down to less than 90 cents a mile (from 1,50$.) That seems like a huge cut, worse if your drop off location is far away. I'll still try it out, but it doesn't really seem worth it. And doing it three weeks before Christmas, too. Grrr. I've also googled other cities out of curiosity, and it seems UberEats LA has the worst rates, even though costs of living are much higher here than in other places. 🙁

    As for waiting 10 minutes for the customer to appear, could you just get out of the car and ring the bell in that case? I can't find any info on this. Do you have to call the customer when you get there, or will Uber do that for you and you simply wait outside? Is it okay to get out of the car in certain situations, or do they want you to wait in the car? If you're at someone's house in a residential street, just getting out and ringing the bell seems much faster than waiting in some situations.

  7. The rate structure that took effect in Atlanta three weeks ago is like four dollars maybe five dollars less now I made five deliveries Saturday and made only 30 dollars and that was three hours driving I just do uber eats to round out grub hub guarantee for week but thirty five percent is highway robbery and new pay structure

  8. Yea they test market and see how then Ubereats does and once they see it profitable they
    Lower our fare it's uber being uber. They did that too us here in Atlanta the payout is not the same. As you said Luv test it out on Monday! Stay peace and do what works for you as you always do! ✌?️

  9. see this is why I quit Uber because they keep lowering the rates they're going to keep taking advantage of you driver until you can't make it. and if you have a family you're not going to be able to make it because remember you still have wear and tear on your car car payments insurance you have a lot of overhead and you're working for a company that just does not care. anyway good luck out there I hope the best for all drivers I keep drivers in my prayers because I know how hard it is out there for you guys and I pray that a better job comes around for you guys so that you can get out of that nightmare.

  10. It's less money. just calculate the old way vs the new structure. use five miles to drop off for example for ubereats . two per mile and a flat rate of four dollars, old way vs the new structure. there you have it. use that same example for calculating new structure.

  11. oh my… I started uber eats last week! it was sooooo rough getting orders in NY… I'm told to drive to a certain area and wait!!! my gosh! so much of my time was wasted. I felt like deer in head lights trying to figure this thing out!!! I will do a video for it on my other page…(Riding With Marcella Bee) I have no videos up yet on it.. but I will soooon..
    I really wanna yell in my 1st video lol I have so much to say! hahahaha