Wait…Uber Referral Bonuses Expire? – Vlogtober 2017

Vlogtober #1 – Received a note that an Uber referral’s potential bonus was going to expire? Huh? How Sway?

Here’s the email I received: http://drivegirldrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/uberbonuses-expire-2.png

……… COP my T-SHIRTS!!!



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  1. I with you girl like the 4-7 a day I was primetime my first Saturday with 8 in the books and the 9 was a Girl visiting her girlfriend in Fairfax VA. and wanted to go to Elkton, Maryland 2 hour away and 12$ in tolls we landed there at 12:48 AM Sunday Morning 143 total fare. made 280 that night.

  2. I got my friend to sign up for uber eats , all he had to do was complete 20 trips and I got $300 and he got $50

    Now what's to stop me from just referring people have them do they 20 trips giving them $100 out of my $300 and they get their bonus $50 and them not driving after the 20 trips are done

  3. Hi, I have completed 131 trips in my first two weeks, and did not enter a referral person. When I called Uber they said they can add it in but I would need to provide the person's email and phone number. how can we make that happen? would be nice to get something… for both of us..:)