Want to Make Extra $$$ With Uber / Lyft? CARGO!! $$$

Get CarGo: https://app.getcargo.today/referred_by/UberMan

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  1. I recieve this text from cargo
    Let me know what you think
    Hi, Cargo here! To help us finish the application process, would you mind sending over a screenshot of your drive stats (rating and lifetime drives)?
    Why do they want that info

  2. Okay, I've got a question. How does Cargo make any money? I'm sorry if you covered it in the video and I probably missed it, but I believe you said we get the payment. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. Hello Uber man I contacted Uber because my wife is a driver but has a Full time job but enjoys driving before work (leaving an hour and half before start time) and on her lunch or after work, but the 2 destination feature wasn't useful because it seemed like she wouldn't get ride requests other than down the street. She called Uber to ask for suggestions and didn't get useful feedback. Do you have any suggestions? I see there is a new feature of more destinations and arrival times but still getting local only.

  4. My question is how do riders purchase the items. You didn't really say that in the video, I've signed up and waiting approval so I'm sold. I just don't know if they pay through the Uber App or on another App or how?

  5. CARGO took off last night in collgetown! They loved it. If it goes like this again today CARGO is going to have to resupply my stock fast! Thank you Uberman for introducing me to CARGO! Thank you CARGO for making a great product!

  6. Great video! It's definitely getting my pax attention! Now if I could stop driving long enough to get links in my descriptions! Me? stop driving?!?! Haha! To all the naysayers: your losing out on a big opportunity. Turn $100 a month into $100 a wk.. And pass it by? Good luck finding that $300 a mo without having to work for it. Zero effort gets $0.

  7. Sounds like such a hassle just to make an extra hundred bucks. For dealing with the potential messes, people stealing items while drunk, and lugging that thing around in the car it just doesn't seem worth it. Maybe for an extra 3-4 hundred a month but a hundred bucks… nope

  8. Thank you Randy. I am in the Austin, TX market. Just wondering when it does get to Austin and rider picks out say the 5 hr energy drink, how does the driver know if rider actually paid for it and they say they did but actually they didn't just to get something free?