What Are The Best Hours For Women Drive For Uber/Lyft?

Hey Girlfriends!

So…this is my opinion on “the best hours women should drive for UBER/LYFT…based on my experience and stories from other Uber drivers here in Los Angeles.

If you were my girl, sister, friend this is the honest advice I’d give you…if you are a man hesitant about driving at certain times, it doesn’t make you less of a man and these threats are real…FYI some of my manly UBER/Lyft guy friends won’t drive after 6pm.

The most important note is to weigh the options and know whats best for you!

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Comment (25)

  1. I'm 62. Waitress, Bartender, legal secretary, medical technician. Ladies. Peeps are Peeps. Yes, the freaks come out at night; new year's eve is amateur night; college towns are a bust; and cities are dangerous – and the most money is in the cities. Frankly, dress down. Not sayin the freak-boys have any right – offering defensive moves. no cleavage, no thighs, no make up – play it like your a driver, not out on a date. if you're dressing to make money, i think that puts part of the responsibility on you. If you want a man to take responsibility, then you too. Just an old fart who knows the block way too well and just became uber. it's good money – but ladies, YOU will work for it. ROLL ON and be safe!!

  2. I was a bartender and/or waitress for over 20 years. Uber is dealing with the guys I just kicked out of the bar. So listen up. If you're gonna drive clubbing/f'd up/rejected by other humanity and told to go home types, YEAH. Be careful and be aware.

  3. The reason I like driving at night (large NE city) is because there is far less traffic. I can be at the airport, downtown or the casinos in half the time that it would take me during the day. I don't get hit on much cause I'm middle aged…cool with me. But I get age discrimination… those who want to "help" me drive….

  4. totally agree !! Best factor that connect u to all them passengers is the capability to handle their story in every way and always being prepare to face these negative racism, bad people. . It wont be a good idea to drive late night, pass 10 pm, especially L.A. as:
    U mostly got minimum ride and can only do 2 or 3 most within these area
    Chances that putting yourself in being harassed by those night-freaks are much more ..so it not worthy to taking big risks
    _ wish All best for women drivers

  5. Finally, a woman I can listen to comfortably, no shrill abrasive voice or mannerisms at all. What a pleasant person you must be. Strong women are the new power. As a man, I'm ok with that claim. I'm grateful for your efforts here. I encourage you to do more.

  6. You make some really good points and I agree that it's safer for women to drive during the day. I learned that real quick. Had some scary things happen at night, so it's only day time hours for me as well. Great video

  7. Thanks for sharing about your hours! I love working the early AM shifts (starting around 5-6 am). For my "normal job," I'm up at 5am anyways, so it's normal feeling to me. I find that people at this time have a PURPOSE. You said it best–composed.

    The downside, is that because I'm used to being up so early, I'm USED to it when I don't want to be on my days "off." It's hard to fight the urge to hustle, but I really noticed I need a day off a week, from both uber and the regular job. It's all about the balance of life thing.

  8. We've gotta respect our women drivers! I feel so bad that they feel scared to drive after hours (which is where the money is at sometimes). I say carry a taser or something like that incase anything were to go down.

  9. I sometimes feel like a counselor or bar tender while transporting my riders. I've had traumatized criers, depressed parents and lovelorn young men all seeking advice and a sympathetic ear during a trip. Sometimes I think people just need a non judgemental strangers input to help them make a decision. It's all a part of customer service (and being human).

  10. Last night I was doing my deliveries for Grub Hub and my second block ends at 11pm I was dispatch to go downtown ATL to SE Atlanta Gleenwood Ave .(Maynard Terrance) I called driver support and asked the to confirm the area and they looked at Google Map telling me its a small house…I told them that area was not safe area and I am unable to deliver in the area for $6.31 tips..plus 3 …I know my limits as to where and when I drive…I remember dropping someone off in that area and then drove into a crack alley where there where drug dealing going on and gang area..I was like hell NO !!! I have my boundaries !! It does not have to be in bad areas ,..I would be in affluent areas and going down dark streets where racist white people would run you off the road ,,yelling out N Word..so You know what I turn off my app and go home…There too much going on at night and for a woman to be driving its dangerous..I have women who feel comfortable having a woman driving them especially when they are by themselves at night..so I just don't do it for my sake and my friends and family whose has concerns.

  11. I had my first night Uber ride November 4th in Baltimore downtown. I had one guy I picked up from the bar and he was talkative but nice. The other guy just found out his sister have live cancer so he was sad but more hopeful near time of drop off. Like you said just be careful no matter where you drive. Thank you for sharing???

  12. Yes the enebriated folks, either doin the drugs, having sex, being loud and obnoxious, opening the door when on the freeway, vomiting out the window. Someone would be fool to try to rob cuz their name and all personal info is on file. Unlike cab which I used to do and they all be anonymous so I always was nervous. Yea I like when they make it in the car but then pass out and can't tell you where they live. I had a girl I picked up from Blue Cue 28th and J. she say she's going to Rancho Cordova and then pass out as soon as I got on the freeway. I had to stop and shake awake for 15 mins and FINALLY got where she was going. I don't drive nights to much anymore. haha