What I like and don’t like about delivering with Postmates constructive criticism

This video is my honest feelings and opinions about postmates. I try not to be too negative but I have been having a difficult time seeing how Postmates will be a good fit for me with the other apps and currently using. Any information on making more money would be great and I try to use this as an open forum for drivers to communicate and give each other ideas. Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. I never take my bag in the establishment. I keep it in the trunk and put the food in once I get the order. I'm not trying to have everybody all up in my business. I did make myself a little uniform though out of the postmate colors. Green/Black. Anyway, I really enjoyed your video.

  2. Postmates is tipped base, When i worked for postmates in my market i had more orders that i had to actually shop for and wait for the food to be cooked, I waited 45 minutes total time and only made $5.36 with no tip, Maybe if they had a minimum hourly guarantee…I gave up on postmates a long time ago, I prefer ubereats and grubhub.

  3. postmates does not tell you how much the order is for, or what the items are until you accept it, the amount of times i had to go through the 5 step process to decline an order after seeing its items and distance for 1 item less than $10, sometimes as low as $3!… and ALLOT of $0 tips… wow! Not always though, but allot

  4. OMG. The worst is their free Starbucks coffee promotion for new users!
    Driving a couple miles, waiting in line for their free coffee (and very customized order), and rarely getting tips. Really pisses me off.

  5. I waste too much gas and I don't make enough to cover the cost. I work in La / Beverly Hills with horrible traffic all day, this means I can only do two orders max per hour. Without a tip, I am screwed because like you mentioned some orders only make us $4.10. I'm always working quickly, always polite, and till this day I have not delivered one wrong order. Doing some math, after one year doing postmates all the miles added to my car, gas expenses and oil changes don't make it worth it at all! I'm going to need to find a new job and keep postmates to make a bit of extra spending money.

  6. I hate that people want tips for things I'm already paying for. This is the most annoying practice ever. I want to tip when the person (usually waitstaff) really helped me and went out of the way to make me feel like more than just another faceless person. But these days you don't get to tip for spectacular service now everyone wants a tip for simply doing their job. Is it my problem you took a low-paying gig?!

  7. Is UberEATS in Portland? You'll definitely have something to say about that platform since there definitely is the "Uber approach" to tipping when you order with the suggestion as always that "tipping is not necessary". Would love to see a video or hear your thoughts on it.

  8. Hey Brent, great info man. I am currently on Flex, have been for about 3 months.  I enjoy your videos. Have you ever tried UBER delivery? I am in Austin and they pulled out over a finger printing issue but got an e-mail to deliver food etc. Strange, hard to find info on what it entails / pays etc. I am on with Postmates but seems like a waste of time vs. flex. Good filler I guess but not sure the gas and wear and tear is worth it. Keep it up buddy. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  9. wow thanks for the info, I tried to sign up with doordash wants but it was not available in Portland and I just tried again and it still did not bring up Portland as a city to choose but that just probably means they have too many guys right now. I will keep checking though that sounds like a lot of fun

  10. You know I completely agree with you in regards to the waitstaff with restaurants they do have attitude with you for no reason. It's one restaurant that I don't care going to because of their attitude but I always get a good tip from customers though that order from there. I've learned that people working in restaurants are pretty ill and its what they go through the domino effect of people issues(emotions,etc) along with themselves. I've worked in one myself money is good but you got to pay the PIPER for it!