What NOT to do as an Uber Driver

In this video, I go over the main things that you should not do if you are an Uber/Lyft Driver. If you avoid doing these things, you will increase your rating and earn more tips.


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  1. Im really good at reading ppl, so there are times ive talked politics, religion you name it and the conversations were awesome. I totally understand you have to be careful though, as a driver i hate driving in silence, i like to have some sort of dialogue with my passenger's. I can hold a convo about anything lol. Ive got 900 rides and a 4.92 rating btw ?

  2. Fuck that. I play death metal and smoke weed. It's my fucking car not Uber's. Until Uber offers to make my car payments, pay for my gas and offer more than the insulting 70 cents per mile I'm leaving the bird shit grime and garbage on the floor until they pay for my fucking car washes. I'm also starting the trip as soon as I pull up to the curb cause neither the passenger or Uber is paying me to wait unless I do.