So, you have a crush on that cute girl at work but you have no idea how to talk to her or what to say! I have 5 really great first line openers for you to use and it won’t make work awkward! If you want more of these, make sure to give this video a big thumbs up!!



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  1. Coffee always works as a way to start up conversation and let you talk more. I'd stick to friendly ways of hanging out rather than dates. This keeps it safe and innocent for both of you. If the relationship develops into dating great. If not no harm done. Less pressure too, just keep things light.

  2. In my situation I am a licensed contractor and I opened my own company so I own the company and I have been in business for myself for the last 9 years but I don't want to cause issues in my company so what do you suggest for my situation?

  3. Thank you for the tips I'm sure they will all be effective. When I use to go clubbing I would use one liners with frequency with no problem. No a little older, and with more than my share of good friends, I seem to find it a little difficult or maybe I lost confidence to do the one liners. I'm not failing but I don't seem to bounce back from a rejection as well as I used to. So if you have any tips for that please let me know. Thank you Negeen ! Btw your man is a lucky guy ?

  4. Work relationships are the worst , because it makes everything complicated ….
    The number one reason for me is that if she says no and you get rejected , you will have to face her everyday ? .
    Workplace is the number one place to cheat though ? , I know at least 4 who are cheating on their wives/husbands and girlfriends/boyfriends ……
    Speaking of workplace ,
    Will you come to my work party Negeen ?
    ? .